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Lee Min Ho’s Response To Lee Seung Gi’s Wedding Announcement Goes Viral : Entertainment Daily

The actor had this to say.

Actor Lee Min Ho‘s reaction to his close friend Lee Seung Gi‘s wedding announcement has netizens bursting out laughing.

Lee Min Ho (left) and Lee Seung Gi (right) | Naver post

On February 7, Lee Seung Gi shocked fans by announcing his plans to marry his girlfriend of three years, actress Lee Da In.

Lee Seung Gi Announces That He Is Marrying Lee Da In

In a handwritten letter to fans, Lee Seung Gi announced that he plans on “Transitioning from lovers to newlyweds.”

Hello, this is Lee Seung Gi.

It seems this year there are many reasons for me to write long letters.
Today, I would like to inform you of the most important decision in my life.

Lee Da In, the woman that I love, and I have decided to transition from lovers to “newlyweds.”

She accepted my proposal, and we received our blessings.
I am announcing this to you with joy in my heart from having someone to be responsible for.

She has a heart of gold, and she’s full of love. She is someone I want on my side forever.

I would like to share my happiness, and in turmoil, I would like to overcome it while holding her hand.

I hope you’ll support our future together. We’ll continue to share what we have and live happily ever after

Thank you.

— Lee Seung Gi

Netizens celebrated Lee Seung Gi’s announcement and wished the couple the best. Amid the hoopla, however, one superstar’s comment stood out among the rest. The comment, of course, belonged to none other than fellow K-Drama leading man and international heartthrob Lee Min Ho!

Lee Min Ho | Hankook Kyungjae

In his comment, Lee Min Ho jokes about the ironic position Lee Seung Gi finds himself in.

What? Is this a situation where Lee Seung Gi sings “Will You Marry Me?”

— Lee Min Ho

Lee Min Ho is obviously referring to Lee Seung Gi’s hit classic, “Will You Marry Me?” Lee Seung Gi replied back in kind, asking if the actor would be up for a duet.

I need a rapper, what do you say?

— Lee Seung Gi

Netizens couldn’t help but laugh along at the interaction. Many fans couldn’t get over how Lee Min Ho could be so funny and handsome at the same time.

  • “Lee Min Ho’s comment is so cute, LOL. His character has such a duality.”
  • “Lee Min Ho is so funny and cute. He’s Shin Chan! LOL.”
  • “A rapping Lee Min Ho would be so funny. I didn’t know they were so close.”
  • “Lee Min Ho is so funny, LOL. He’s even more charming since he’s funny while looking like that, LOL.”
  • “It’s so interesting that Lee Min Ho has a funny personality. I saw his diving gif, and the way he acts doesn’t match his face, LOL.”

What are your thoughts? Would you like to see Lee Min Ho rap in a duet with Lee Seung Gi?


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