Friday, March 24th, 2023

10+ Fan-Taken Pictures And Videos Of ENHYPEN In Manila That Show You Exactly How Handsome They Look In Person : Entertainment Daily

#4 is almost too much for our hearts!

ENHYPEN recently visited the Philippines for their 3-day concert MANIFESTO in Manila. They amazed fans with their talent, charisma, and of course, gorgeous visuals.

The following photos and videos offer a glimpse into the handsomeness of the group. Check them out below!

1. Jake

First up, Jake blessed the front row audience the most with his mesmerizing visuals.

2. Niki

Niki made everyone’s hearts stop with a single glance.

3. Heeseung

Filipino influencer Arshie Larga came to the concert a Sunoo stan but ended it with his eyes on Heeseung!

4. Sunoo

Speaking of Sunoo, his boyish charm was ultra-irresistible in real life.

5. Jungwon

Jungwon is the definition of precious!

6. Sunghoon

There was no doubt in anyone’s minds that Sunghoon was born to be a celebrity.

7. Jay

Even from afar, Jay was absolutely magnetic.

As one fan put it, his “genuine smile” was heart-stopping.

8. Jay, Heeseung, Jungwon, and Sunghoon

ENHYPEN always proved that they’re a group full of visuals.

9. Seunghoon, Heeseung, Sunoo, and Jay

No matter who they paired up with, they were adorable!

10. Niki

Niki pinched everyone’s hearts with affection when he danced while laughing.

11. Heeseung

Heeseung made jaws drop with his sexy stare.

12. Jay

Jay was the subject of awe and jealousy because of his flawless skin.

13. Niki, Jake, and Jungwon

The friendship of the boys can warm even the coldest of hearts.


Lastly, every fan-taken picture and video showed that ENHYPEN is even more good looking in person.

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