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IU Wants A Redo After Her Candid Reaction Turns Into A Viral Meme : Entertainment Daily

She shares a plan to “redeem herself” 😂

IU captured fans’ and locals’ hearts when she made a red-carpet appearance at the prestigious 2022 Cannes Film Festival for the film Broker.

IU | @dlwlrma/Instagram

The talented singer plays a young mom in the film who makes the decision to leave her baby in a church’s baby box.

The film was inspired by the introduction of baby boxes to Korea in 2009. The boxes provide a safe place protected from the elements for parents to leave their newborns if they are not able to care for them.

IU in “Broker”

IU’s appearance at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival received global attention as she stole the show with her gorgeous visuals, humble and kind interactions with fans, and stunning gown.

The multi-talented idol gained wide praise during her time at the festival, but there was one moment she’s been jokingly kicking herself over.

IU at the “2022 Cannes Film Festival” | @dlwlrma/Instagram

The moment in question quickly became a viral meme as netizens couldn’t help but share adorable clips of IU’s unfiltered reactions at the event.

As the camera zooms in on IU while the Broker film is announced, the seasoned idol goes to make a heart with her hands but is thrown off when the camera quickly pans away to her co-star, actress Lee Joo Young.

Later when the camera returns to IU, she hesitatingly makes a heart again while hilariously not making eye contact with the camera.

The moment went viral among netizens as many lovingly teased that she slipped into idol mode.

In an interview after the event, she opened up about the viral moment and what led to it. She hilariously shared that she’s aware the moment turned into a meme and joked that it was the “worst thing” she did at the festival.

I’m aware there’s a meme of me doing a weird finger heart. I look so unsure of myself. I know now that [the heart] was a big mistake. It’s the worst thing I’ve done at Cannes.

— IU

Not taking the moment too seriously, she playfully revealed the lesson she had learned from the viral meme and how she is determined to redeem herself in the future.

I realized that unless [posing with a heart] is done with confidence, it’s better not done at all. So next time, I’m going to be way more confident about it. Yeah, I have it all planned out. I’d love to get one more chance before I die.

— IU

IU hilariously walked fans through exactly what was going through her mind during the viral aegyo moment. Check out more on that in the article below!

IU’s Brutally Honest Opinion About Her “Viral Aegyo” Moment From The 2022 Cannes Film Festival


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