Monday, March 20th, 2023

Blockberry Creative Responds To Reports About Their Petition To Ban The 5 Members Of LOONA’s Activities : Entertainment Daily

They will be attempting to ban their activities.

It was recently reported that Blockberry Creative had filed a petition against LOONA‘s Chuu to ban her future activities and planned on filing one on four other members, Heejin, Kim Lip, Choerry, and JinSoul.

Blockberry officially raised the issue of Chuu’s tampering through the submission of a complaint through the Compensation and Punishment Committee of the Korea Federation of Trade Association. Blockberry judged that Chuu had already tampered with BY4M in order to sign a new contract around 2021, and filed a complaint with the Compensation and Punishment Committee of the Federation of Entrepreneurs’ Association, claiming that it was a “violation of the management contract.

Subsequently, they released an official statement to the media on February 1, 2023, regarding this.

In December 2022, we submitted a petition to the Korea Entertainment Management Association and the Korea Entertainment Producers Association containing the ban on Chuu’s entertainment activities. We will be submitting a petition to prohibit the entertainment activities of the following four people, Heejin, Kim Lip, JinSoul, and Choerry, to the committee as well.

— Blockberry Creative

Previously an official at the association had confirmed the petition was applied for but could not give details as the case was underway.

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