Friday, March 24th, 2023

3 Cute And Creative Ways BLACKPINK’s Lisa Has Styled Bows That You Could Easily Do Too : Entertainment Daily

It looks so good on her 😍

Throughout her career in the spotlight, BLACKPINK‘s Lisa has worn a huge variety of clothes. But one reason why she’s special is because she isn’t afraid to wear classic pieces in different ways!

On that note, check out three cute ways she has worn a bow below.

1. On Her Shirt

To spice up an outfit, take a look at the different ways Lisa has worn a bow on her shirt. It instantly makes her look super feminine and sweet!

White Top With Frills

Sheer Floral Dress

Bright Pink Button Down

2. As A Shirt

Next, the “LALISA” singer got super creative when she made the bow the main event of her outfit. Once, she layered it over a see-through crop top. And for a photoshoot with Vogue, she wore a bow top that isn’t only huge, it’s certified cute too.

Over Another Top

On Its Own

3. As A Headband

Finally, Lisa wore a big bow as a headband. It completed such a pretty and ethereal outfit, and the flower was the perfect addition!

| YG Entertainment

| YG Entertainment

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