Friday, March 24th, 2023

SEVENTEEN Vernon’s Sister Supports Her Brother While In Japan : Entertainment Daily

Fans are loving the sibling support!

Each year, SEVENTEEN holds a cafe in Japan for SEVENTEEN fans to buy official goods and cafe items. Each time this event is held, fans rush to the cafes for a chance to buy SEVENTEEN items only sold in Japan. Fans in both Tokyo and Osaka have been posting photos and videos for fans outside of Japan to enjoy!

Typically, this cafe is held in the different cities in Japan that SEVENTEEN tours, so this year, there were cafes in Osaka, Tokyo, and Nagoya. Since SEVENTEEN’s Japanese dome tour is happening during the winter time, it was only fitting that the cafe theme is “Winter Camping”. Fans loved the creative idea and were getting excited to attend the event!

Fans were quick to notice during this time that Vernon‘s younger sister Sofia went to one of the SEVENTEEN cafes while in Japan recently. She posted a story on her Instagram that showed various beverages sold at the cafe, along with some Vernon items! Fans loved seeing her supporting her brother during her Japan vacation and are hoping to see her in attendance during SEVENTEEN’s upcoming Tokyo shows.


This wasn’t Sofia’s first run-in at a SEVENTEEN-themed cafe, though, as last year she took to Instagram live and shared a story with fans about the time she and some friends went to a trendy cafe they were excited about. When they arrived, they noticed the cafe was setting up for a Mingyu birthday event!

Next time you are planning on going to a SEVENTEEN-themed cafe, there might be a chance a SEVENTEEN sibling is also there!


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