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Netizens Discover A 2016 Video Of Ahn Yujin That Makes IVE’s “2022 Melon Music Awards” Daesang Award Even More Emotional : Entertainment Daily

Her journey to the daesang award was six years in the making.

IVE has had an incredible and inspiring year as a rookie group, winning the hearts of fans and locals with their talent. 

The group took home four impressive awards at the 2022 Melon Music Awards (MMAs 2022), including a daesang award. While earning the MMAs 2022 awards meant a lot to the entire group, they held a special meaning to member Ahn Yujin.

IVE’s Yujin | @IVE_twt/Twitter

IVE’s debut single, “Eleven,” was already breaking records, and their second single, “Love Dive,” solidified themselves as a powerful rookie group.

The group debuted on December 1, 2021, making this their first Melon Music Awards. While it was the group’s first time at the year-end award ceremony, Ahn Yujin and Wonyoung previously attended and performed at the MMAs 2020 as members of IZ*ONE.

IZ*ONE performing “Fiesta” at MMAs 2020

Appearing at the ceremony as a member of IZ*ONE wasn’t the first time Ahn Yujin attended the MMAs; she had a ticket to attend as a fan in 2016, and that moment changed her life.

In 2016, Ahn Yujin was spotted against the barricade in the crowd at the MMAs, holding a BTS ARMY bomb while enthusiastically cheering when BTS won an award.

While the clip was initially spotted by eagle-eyed fans, Ahn Yujin confirmed her appearance in a live broadcast, explaining the defining moment.

When an idol group got an award, everyone around them were so happy for them, crying together. Looking at them being happy, I thought I really want to be them.

— Ahn Yujin

She described the atmosphere with the magical display of lights and fireworks, not knowing that she would be on stage at the same award show just years later.

One day in my life I should do it. It became my dream. I kept switching my dream jobs, from flight attendant to teacher. That moment I decided to be like them. When I got home, I told mom I want to be an idol member.

— Ahn Yujin

Ahn Yujin fatefully became an idol after her debut with IZ*ONE, and again when she became the leader of IVE. IVE won four awards at the MMAs 2022, “Best Group: Female,” “New Artist of the Year,” “Melon Top 10 Award,” and the daesang award, “Best Song of the Year: “Love Dive.”

(From left to right) IVE’s Liz, Rei, Wonyoung, Yujin, Gaeul, and Leeseo | @IVEstarship/Twitter

Ahn Yujin was overcome with emotion while the group accepted their award at the same ceremony where she realized her dream of being an idol. When fans connected the backstory, the moment became even more meaningful.

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