Friday, March 24th, 2023

LOONA Hyunjin’s Honest Reaction To Chuu’s Removal Worries Fans : Entertainment Daily

She came by the Fab app to let all of her feelings out.

Many fans were shocked by the sudden announcement of Chuu‘s sudden removal from her group LOONA. They took to Twitter to express their disgust and anger towards BlockBerry Creative, LOONA’s company.

Some staff members who had worked with Chuu in the past also posted contradicting stories, claiming she had been nothing but kind to them.

Typically, idols from the same group are forbidden from commenting on the removal of a fellow member from the team. Still, LOONA’s Hyunjin decided to take to Fab, a paid social media messaging service idols use to communicate with fans, to express how hurt and angry she was. Some Orbits warned her to be careful about what she posted online.

She asked fans to continue to support Chuu, saying she is probably the one in the most pain right now, while also claiming she was doing nothing wrong by expressing herself.

This created another wave of outcries from Orbits, expressing their concern for Hyunjin and the other LOONA members and further criticizing BlockBerry Creative.



  • “I’m concerned about the remaining members. If you remember, the company sent them on a world tour without regard for their well-being. And if Chuu wasn’t getting paid, the other members probably weren’t either… T-T”
  • “I’m scared that the company might try to harm the other members.”
  • “Ugh, what is this nonsense? Such terrible people.”
  • “THIS SUCKS. Like, stop doing this to the idols.”
  • “I’m worried about the remaining members, too. Especially Hyunjin, since she left these messages. What if Blockberry targets her next and bullies her? I hope everyone can make it out of their contracts safely.”
  • “Ugh, seriously…?”
  • “I fear for the other members… These people [at Blockberry], they’re disgusting.”
  • Sigh. I’m tearing up over this… I wish the best for all LOONA members.”
  • “I’m scared… The other members are still at the company. I can’t even imagine the amount of pressure they must be feeling right now.”
  • “Rooting for LOONA. Hang in there!”
  • “I’m not a LOONA stan, but I sincerely fear for the remaining members.”
  • “It was obvious that LOONA members actually cherished each other. Blockberry is the problem here. I hope the remaining members are taking care of themselves mentally and physically. Rooting for them… I really hope that they can all make it out of their contracts together and settle somewhere better.”

No further statements from the company have been made regarding this issue as of the writing of this article.

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