Friday, March 24th, 2023

IVE’s Live Vocals At The “Blue Dragon Film Awards” Wins Hearts For The Most Unexpected Reason : Entertainment Daily

Without any backing track!

Idols’ live singing skills are always a topic of contention. It is common nowadays for idols to lip-sync to pre-recorded MR or AR tracks. Sometimes, even their “live breathing” is recorded in the track to make it sound more realistic!

It is inevitable due to the rough choreography that many groups have to perform. Unstable sound systems are also a cause for such precautions. But idol fans still miss the days when live singing was almost a prerequisite for performances!

IVE‘s recent congratulatory performance at the Blue Dragon Film Awards proved they could slay live vocals. Known for their dance choreography and performance, IVE was never recognized as a group for stable vocals until the awards show.

Everyone sang live and proved that not just their main vocals serve. In particular, Liz and Rei were spotlighted for their stable singing.

| theqoo

  • “No matter how I see it, Liz is the best. If only they gave her a chorus…”
  • “It’s 100% raw live vocals. They’re good.”
  • “Rei is really good.”
  • “They’re good….”

Even international fans had nothing but praise for them.

K-Pop should really consider bringing back live singing! Check out their entire performance below.

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