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Hong Kong Boy Group MIRROR Teases Upcoming Projects With ViuTV In 2023 : Entertainment Daily

The members will be super busy!

On November 25, 2022, Hong Kong’s top 12-member boy group MIRROR attended ViuTV 2023, a show hosted by local TV station ViuTV detailing their upcoming dramas and variety shows in 2023.


Fans have been looking forward to MIRROR’s new projects as the group took a two-month hiatus following a near-fatal accident at their concert back in July.


Up first, member Alton took the stage with the rest of the cast for Straight Shooter, a drama about a businessman getting revenge on a competitor who took away his business and family, after losing his ability to lie.

Cast of “Straight Shooter” | ViuTV

Ian, Lokman, and AK introduced their upcoming ice hockey drama Fire on Ice. They revealed that none of them knew how to ice skate before this drama and are working hard to get the hang of the sport.

Cast of “Fire on Ice” | ViuTV

A sequel to a very well-received first season, Warriors Within 2 will continue to depict a story about karate. AK will continue to appear in the series, while fellow group member Tiger joins the cast for the second season.

Cast of “Warriors Within 2” | ViuTV

In addition to dramas, members of MIRROR have always been active in variety shows. In particular, be ON game featuring Edan is confirmed for the third season, and filming is currently underway!

Cast of “be ON game” | ViuTV

To close out the show, 11 members of MIRROR performed their hit single “Innerspace.” Unfortunately, member Keung To was not present due to an injury and subsequent surgery on his leg.


Fans certainly have much to look forward to from MIRROR in the upcoming year!

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