Friday, March 24th, 2023

IU Adds The Most Unlikely Accessory To Her Dress At The “43rd Blue Film Dragon Awards” : Entertainment Daily

We might have seen it before, though…

Singer and actress IU is going viral for adding the most unlikely accessory!


Hosted by actress Kim Hye Soo and actor Yoo Yeon Seok, The 43rd Blue Dragon Film Awards (also known as The 2022 Blue Dragon Film Awards) was held on November 25, recognizing the recent films that excelled in production quality and acting skill. IU was one of the many superstars in attendance, and she wowed everyone with her princess-like visuals as she wore a beautiful ballgown.

Yet, IU added an unexpectant accessory to the fit…

After the award show, IU warmed up by putting on a jacket. She also immediately switched out of her high-heels into a pair of much more comfortable (and fun) shoes: fluffy pink slippers!

The clip of IU walking in the pink slippers while dressed in her gown has gone viral with 12.9K views at the time of writing.

The slippers seem to resemble the iconic slippers from the “strawberry moon” MV! Of course, since the video of IU walking is outside at night, it’s too dark to know for certain.

One thing is for certain IU can rock any look!


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