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GOT7’s Jackson Wang Is Going Viral For His Unbelievable Fan Service At Concert : Entertainment Daily

He even gave a fan a lap dance?!

GOT7‘s Jackson Wang is going viral for his fan service at his recent concert.

GOT7’s Jackson Wang | @JacksonWang852/Twitter

Jackson Wang has officially kicked off his first-ever solo world tour, 2022-2023 Magic Man World Tour. 

The tour’s first concert was held in Bangkok, Thailand, at Impact Arena. He performed there on Friday, November 25, and will perform again on Saturday, November 26.

The first concert has surely given us an idea of what to expect from the rest of the tour…

Jackson brought a fan on stage to serenade them with his and Stephanie Poetri‘s song “I Love You 3000.” This wholesome fan interaction has garnered 27.5K views at the time of writing.

Yet, the wholesomeness ends there with the fan interactions…

Another fan was brought on stage, and he gave them a whole freaking lap dance during his performance of “The Moment!”

During “Dead,” he and the fan put their arms around each other, and, honestly, we are dead. What is the fanfiction, Jackson?!

These three clips above are going viral (obviously) with 70.9K, 7,807, and 68.3K views, respectively.

Even if you’re not invited on stage, though, Jackson strips his shirt off before heading to the barricade to interact with the crowd. He stepped up so that he could get closer to them, letting fans touch his bare chest and arms.

The above videos have gone viral with 28.2K and 12.6K views, respectively.

Jackson’s fan service is truly unmatched! Time to get tickets for the Magic Man World Tour. 

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