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ATEEZ Mingi’s 8 Most Viral Outfits That Show Fans His Sense Of Style : Entertainment Daily

#4 is a fan favorite look!

ATEEZ’s Mingi is well-known by fans for having impeccable taste in clothing, so it’s no surprise there are dozens of fan-favorite outfits of his that have gone viral on social media! Here are eight of Mingi’s best outfits that fans couldn’t get enough of!

1. Mingi’s Guerilla Outfit

Fans loved Mingi’s Guerilla stage outfit from this past year, as it perfectly fit his edgy fashion style!

ATEEZ Mingi | M Countdown/Mnet

2. The Real Stage Outfit

Fans loved this outfit, particularly Mingi’s wolf cut/mullet hairstyle during this era!


3. Dressed Up At The Airport

Mingi stunned fans by wearing a patterned blazer at the airport!

ATEEZ Mingi | Newsen

4. The Infamous Balenciaga T-Shirt

Mingi made this Balenciaga shirt famous by wearing it during a promotional period early in ATEEZ’s career!

ATEEZ Mingi | @pinkpunch/Twitter

5. The Rocky Outfit

Mingi went viral on all social media platforms for showing his abs with this Rocky stage outfit during ATEEZ’s 2021 tour!

ATEEZ Mingi | Dispatch

6. Mingi’s Laidback Airport Fashion

Mingi once again captures fans’ hearts with his cozy and chic airport look!

ATEEZ Mingi | @alwaysming/Twitter

7. Mingi’s Photoshoot Outfit

Mingi famously went viral for this vest outfit worn during a photoshoot!

ATEEZ Mingi | @mingiarchive/Twitter

8. Say My Name Stage Outfit

To end the list, Mingi’s most famous outfit look is the Say My Name long brown trench coat!

ATEEZ Mingi | ATEEZ Official/Youtube

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