Friday, December 9th, 2022

BLACKPINK’s Rosé Is Escorted By A Whole Team For YSL’s Show At Paris Fashion Week, Proving Why She’s The Main Character : Entertainment Daily

She will always be the main event.

BLACKPINK‘s Rosé is in Paris for YSL‘s show at Paris Fashion Week, and her stunning visuals captivated fans worldwide.

In a simple black mini dress and her classic sky-high heels, Rosé’s beauty shone as she greeted her fans with a smile.

Reporters and photographers couldn’t get enough of the YSL global ambassador, and with the fountain in the background, Rosé was truly the icon of luxury.

Rosé is beautiful from all angles, and with her signature black heels, her already gorgeous legs look even longer. BLACKPINK is the definition of “both my body and my bank account, good figure,” and tonight, no one compared to Rosé.

Rosé was escorted by Emmanuel Tomasini, the WW VIP Director of Saint Laurent, and her close friendship with him over the years proves that she’s YSL’s muse.

But what really stood out (besides her visuals) was her arrival and departure from YSL’s Paris Fashion Week show.

The screams from the crowd were deafening, but what makes her the main character is her entourage. Escorted by ten guards and a few photographers, all the attention was on Rosé.

A clearer video of her departure shows just how movie-like Rosé’s attendance is at Paris Fashion Week, and BLINKs couldn’t be more proud of Rosé and her power.

Add to this her angelic personality, and fans can’t help but fall even deeper in love with Rosé.


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