Friday, December 2nd, 2022

BTS’s V Wants ARMY To Go Live On Weverse : Entertainment Daily

Chaos would be sure to ensue!

Weverse‘s real boss BTS‘s V is coming up with yet another new feature for the staff to add!

V | @bts_bighit/Twitter

V is not only an avid user of Weverse, frequently conversing with ARMYs via the app.

And I love being able to talk with ARMY so much that now it’s like a habit that I read their posts. I have a thing today. I have a test today. I’m moving today. Somehow I feel better when I hear their stories. When I end up reading things like about how ARMY are living or what kind of lives ARMY have, I can’t help but write a response, and because of that ARMY respond, so I try to become friendlier in a more fun way, too.

— V

| In the SOOP

He low-key runs Weverse. He has ordered the staff to host giveaways and send gifts for ARMY…

Thanks to V, we have gotten lots of features, such as the ability to change one’s profile picture.

| Weverse


I’ll give you two weeks

Read notifications when members look at ARMY’s posts or a like button, profile picture changes

— V

Even recently, V requested an update to Weverse’s updates. Now that idols can host live broadcasts via the app, he wishes that fellow members could join each other’s lives, similar to Instagram Live.

The BTS members are currently able to leave comments on a member’s Weverse Live along with ARMYs. So, V was commenting on Jimin‘s recent live broadcast. Yet, he wished he could join via video call.

Now, V is requesting yet another feature for Weverse to implement. Again, it has to do with Weverse’s live broadcasting.

In response to an ARMY’s post on Weverse, V questioned why the application doesn’t give the fans the option to host their own live broadcasts. Now that V has mentioned it, it’s likely that this feature could be added any day now.

On the other hand, ARMYs are not so sure what they would even do if this option became available. There were some ideas, but many of them were chaotic.

Many were divided on whether the idea was cute and wholesome or crazy and chaotic. Either way, Weverse would be guaranteed to crash.

What do you think about the idea of letting fans go live on Weverse?


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