Friday, December 2nd, 2022

BTS’s Jimin And LINE FRIENDS’ CHIMMY Makes An Unexpected Appearance At Westlife Concert : Entertainment Daily

It’s the cutest interaction!

BTS and LINE FRIENDS‘ beloved BT21 characters always appear in unexpected places!

BTS with their BT21 characters | LINE FRIENDS

Jin‘s alpaca RJ appeared on the reality cooking show MasterChef Indonesia, based on the original British series of the same name.

Several characters were spotted at a star-studded Gucci fashion show.

BT21 also often show up at celebrity meet and greets

Anthony Mackie in TATA headband (left) and fan (right). | @taeslover69/Twitter

Fan (left) and Ariana Grande in KOYA headband (right).

And who can forget the time Jimin‘s CHIMMY accompanied actor Tom Holland at the airport?

Tom Holland waving at Incheon Airport.

Now, CHIMMY is showing up in another unexpected place alongside another famous celeb!


The UK’s biggest-selling album group of the 21st century, Irish pop vocal group Westlife performed at Sentul International Convention Centre in Indonesia, on September 24. They are currently on their 2022 THE WILD DREAMS TOUR.

As he performed, Westlife singer Shane Filan effortlessly caught a plush CHIMMY from a fan in the audience.

He held onto CHIMMY. He even serenaded and hugged the plushie!

One of the POVs of the adorable moment is going viral on Twitter with 473.5K views, and 37.8K likes at the time of writing. Netizens just can’t get enough of the cuteness!

CHIMMY is truly a worldwide famous UNIVERSTAR!

Source: JiminGlobal and Westlife

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