Tuesday, February 7th, 2023

18 “ATEEZ But Everyone Is” Memes To Make Your Day Better : Entertainment Daily

A new meme trend has been making the rounds on Twitter for various K-Pop groups, such as BTS and Stray Kids. The “____ but everyone is” meme involves making a collage of all the members of a group, with each member representing something of a certain topic that best shows their personality. ATEEZ fans seem to have hopped on the bandwagon for this trend, so here are 18 of the funniest and cutest memes that ATINYs have made!

1. Starting off with the group’s handsome maknae

2. An artsy group like ATEEZ suits this one well!

3. And of course, there are adorable ones too…

4. And adorable + funny animal comparisons 😂

5. This one has some staples in the ATEEZ fandom already!

6. GOT7’s Jinyoung is definitely relatable.

7. Here’s another one comparing them all to one member!

8. There have been several made for girl group members as well.

9. One fan even included their cute pet 😂

10. There’s one of these for every member of the group!

11. And more for girl groups as well…

12. These are surprisingly accurate.

13. Seonghwa has so many sides to him.

14. And so does Yunho!

15. Dreamcatcher + ATEEZ collab someday?

16.  Yeosang’s photos definitely work well for this.

17. And so do Wooyoung’s!

18. And of course, the list wouldn’t be complete without Hongjoong.

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