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Hong Jin Young Confirmed To Make Comeback Following Period Of Self-Reflection : Entertainment Daily

Hong Jin Young is preparing for her upcoming comeback after a period of self-reflection.

In November 2020, it was reported that Hong Jin Young’s 2009 master’s thesis from Chosun University was under suspicion of plagiarism. The singer’s agency initially denied the claims, but the artist eventually posted an apology letter in which she admitted to plagiarism. In December 2020, a representative from Chosun University Graduate School Committee announced that they will be taking actions to cancel the degree.

On March 21, Hong Jin Young’s agency IMH Entertainment released the following statement:


We are revealing out statement regarding the return of IMH Entertainment’s singer Hong Jin Young.

Hong Jin Young is planning to return to her activities [as a singer] with the release of a new song in April, and she is currently in the process of working on the recording.

Hong Jin Young, who halted all activities and spent time on self-reflection since November 2020, has finished recording her new song and is filming for her music video after longing for the day of standing on stage again.

She has cautiously decided to return with the feelings of gratitude for fans who have sent unchanging support along with the feelings of atonement for her mistake and negligence which caused great disappointment among the general public as a public figure.

While taking the time for self-reflection, the agency and Hong Jin Young thought deeply about how she can help society as a well-known singer, and she will be walking the path of a singer who can create a positive influence on this society.

After overcoming the fear of returning, Hong Jin Young will begin to take her first steps to transform into a singer who can give bright energy. Rather than hoping for more popularity than deserved, she will return to her roots and look back on herself to do her best of becoming a singer who can deliver hope to the general public. We ask for you to watch on warmly. Thank you.

Hong Jin Young will be releasing her new song on April 6.

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Hong Jin Young Confirmed To Make Comeback Following Period Of Self-Reflection : Entertainment Daily

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