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BTS’s V Brings Back The Iconic “Taechwita” Meme From BTS 2021 Muster “Sowoozoo” 8 Months After Its Debut : Entertainment Daily

In December 2021, BTS shocked ARMYs worldwide when they decided to open individual Instagram accounts. It has been a source of happiness for fans throughout the past few months. ARMYs have loved seeing the members update their accounts with what they’re doing and interacting with each other in the comments.

One person who has always been there to make sure ARMYs are treated to content is none other than BTS’s V!


Although V has become known for posting things and then deleting them in record time, his feed has become truly aesthetic with posts from his travels, shows, and much more.

BTS V’s Instagram feed | @thv/ Instagram

However, on March 21 (KST), V posted something that didn’t really fit in with his account’s aesthetic but was enough to make ARMYs smile. V posted some images of himself as “Taechwita…”

| @thv/ Instagram

| @thv/ Instagram

For those who might not be aware of the reference, it looks back at the 2021 Muster Sowoozoo event and the OT7 performance of Agust D‘s “Daechwita.”

At one point, V, dressed up in costume, is tied up and seemingly executed by RM. Being the talented actor he is, his pose and facial expression captivated ARMYs’ attention, and they’ve been unable to get over it ever since.


V changed the caption for the post but both seemed to make historical references with words people would use when apologizing to the king for doing wrong.

The current caption combines that with modern slang, reading, “Could I make just one request before I die? Ayo, district magistrate, drop the beat.

| @thv/ Instagram

When the photo was posted, ARMYs couldn’t get over the fact that V was bringing back this iconic meme almost a year after it was first created…

While others joked that the Instagram account was nearly becoming a fan account.

The reason for thinking @thv is becoming a fan account is because it isn’t the first time V has been in tune with ARMYs’ memes. After the group first opened their accounts, V posted a stunning vintage-style photo of himself looking extremely handsome, and it had the caption, “1921.”

| @thv/ Instagram

When the image was shared, ARMYs joked that it was the true epitome of “Grandmother’s first love,” a meme that has been very popular in K-Pop. Netizens will post images of their favorite idol with vintage filters to look like something taken back in the early 1900s.

Yet, what had ARMYs even crazier was that before sharing the image on Instagram, he posted the original pictures from the photoshoot…

| BigHit Entertainment

A fan then shared with V on Weverse the actual concept behind the image, explaining that the image wasn’t edited.

They then sent him more photos of the concept, which was then used for V’s Instagram post after he replied, “Ah, this one came out better, thank you!”

| Naver

| Weverse

Considering the variety of content BTS has been treating ARMYs to on their Instagram accounts, it isn’t surprising it was one of the best things to happen in 2021.

You can read more about V being knowledgeable with ARMYs’ memes below.

BTS’s V Finally Knows All About The “Grandmother’s First Love” Meme, And ARMYs Can’t Get Enough

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