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Watch: Stray Kids Gets Adorably Hyped While Reacting To Their Own “MANIAC” MV : Entertainment Daily

Stray Kids has shared a fun reaction video for their new “MANIAC” music video!

On March 19, Stray Kids posted a clip of themselves reacting to their own music video for “MANIAC,” the title track of their brand-new mini album “ODDINARY.”

The clip begins with the members expressing their excitement about watching the music video for the first time, with Seungmin revealing that he hasn’t even seen a rough cut of the video before. Hyunjin then confesses that he saw some edited footage from the video (though not the final cut) a long time ago, and Bang Chan explains that it’s because Hyunjin had been carefully checking the synchronization of their choreography.

As they begin watching the music video together, the Stray Kids members get adorably excited as they express their amazement at the transitions and how all the different cuts came together. The idols also alternate between hyping each other up and playfully teasing one another, with all of the members—including Lee Know himself—laughing at his pose during his flying scene towards the end of the video.

Stray Kids also goes back to rewatch the ending scene of Lee Know affixing a painting to the wall, convinced that it must have a hidden meaning. 

Finally, Seungmin notes that “MANIAC” took the longest time to film out of all their music videos—a total of four days—and that the extra time really paid off in terms of how great the video turned out. Han enthusiastically agrees, pointing out that they used a lot of different filming locations for the video as well.

The Stray Kids members also recall just how painful it was to film the flying scenes that used wires, with Lee Know laughing, “The aftereffects of the wires lasted until the next day.” I.N chimes in, “They really hurt,” and Hyunjin jokingly adds, “I was nearly unable to walk.”

Check out Stray Kids’ full reaction video below!

Watch: Stray Kids Gets Adorably Hyped While Reacting To Their Own “MANIAC” MV : Entertainment Daily

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