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Ryan Reynolds Promotes Stray Kids’ Comeback : Entertainment Daily

Stray Kids and Canadian American actor Ryan Reynolds have got to be one of the most iconic friendships of all time.

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan | JYP Entertainment

While Stray Kids’ leader Bang Chan has been a fan of Ryan Reynolds for a long time, the two didn’t become friends until last year.

I’m also a big of Ryan Reynolds because he’s Ryan Reynolds… I’ve really enjoyed watching Ryan Reynolds’ movies. I think he’s such a great person. Very funny.

— Bang Chan

Ryan Reynolds | GQ

Reynolds is actually no stranger to K-Pop. He’s also part of the BTS ARMY and an honorary member of EXO. So, it’s technically not surprising that Reynolds would become a STAY and friendly with Stray Kids!

It all started with Stray Kids’ Deadpool-inspired performance on Mnet‘s Kingdom: Legendary War. Ryan Reynolds, who plays the character of Deadpool, caught wind of it and, from then on, has solidified himself as a STAY.

Since then, Ryan Reynolds and Bang Chan have developed a friendship, sending each other autographed gifts and praising each other through a video interview.

Bang Chan (left) and Ryan Reynolds (right). | @realstraykids/Instagram

Recently, Reynolds even liked a tweet related to Stray Kids. The feeling is certainly mutual between these two; they’re fans of each other!

| @VancityReynolds/Twitter

Now, he’s promoting Stray Kids’ latest comeback, the group’s sixth Korean-language EP ODDINARY.

Reynolds took a break from promoting his new film, The Adam Project, for Netflix

…to promote his favorite group and friends, Stray Kids! He posted “#ODDINARY” on Instagram Stories as the album was dropped today.

| @vancityreynolds/Instagram

Considering he’s one of the hottest Hollywood actors and boasts 42 million followers on the app, it’s awesome promotion!

Watch Stray Kids’ new MV for title track “MANIAC” below:

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