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These 10+ Songs Are TREASURE’s Favorites—And They Want You To Listen To Them Right Now : Entertainment Daily

TREASURE has a playlist they want you to listen to! In an interview with Weverse Magazine, each member shared the song they most want fans to listen to.

Check them out below!

1. Hyunsuk

Kanye West – “Come to Life”

First up, Hyunsuk’s choice was a recent release of Kanye West‘s called “Come to Life.”

Kanye West’s latest album, Donda, had a big impact and influence on me, and my favorite song on it is ‘Come to Life.’ It fills me with strength whenever I listen to it. I was really comforted and inspired by certain lyrics in particular, like, ‘night is always darkest ’fore the dawn,’ and, ‘gotta make my mark ’fore I’m gone.’

— Hyunsuk

2. Jihoon

Fats Waller – “Ain’t Misbehavin’”

Jihoon’s pick was actually released way before he was even born. It is, after all, a 1929 classic!

These days I like to turn off all the lights in my room and listen to jazz. I’m into a lot of songs these days, but somehow I felt like recommending this one!

— Jihoon

3. Yoshi

Gorillaz feat. De La Soul – “Feel Good Inc.” 

The song that never fails to make Yoshi feel good is aptly called “Feel Good” (2005).

I listen to this song all the time lately. Whenever I feel frazzled I listen to this song and then I feel better!

— Yoshi

4. Junkyu

Yoonmirae feat. Tiger JK & Bizzy – “Angel”

“Angel” (2014) is a song that Junkyu has loved for many years. He loves its relatable lyrics which reference perseverance.

I’ve been listening to this song forever! There’s a part in the lyrics—chil jeon pal gi—meaning if you fall down seven times then you get up eight. I love it so much that it’s my favorite four-word idiom in the world! So I keep trying because I want to be the kind of person who gets back up and walks his own road even if he falls down! I hope everyone else will listen to this song when they’re feeling down and get back up and onto their road, too.

— Junkyu

5. Mashiho


Mashiho’s choice was a song by his famous YG Entertainment senior, G-DRAGON. He said that it never fails to calm him down and “give [him] strength.” He also praised G-DRAGON, saying that it’s “not surprising” that “he’s a superstar.”

6. Jaehyuk

BTS’s V – “Christmas Tree”

Jaehyuk’s recommendation was none other than “Christmas Tree” by BTS‘s V from his favorite K-Drama Our Beloved Summer. Airing from December 2021 to January 2022, it followed the story of ex-lovers who were forced to reconnect after several years of separation.

This song’s on the OST of my favorite show, Our Beloved Summer! Just listening to the song makes me feel the way I did when I watched the show and what my life was like then, so I listen to it all the time.

— Jaehyuk

7. Asahi

Frank Sinatra – “That’s Life”

Asahi, meanwhile, loves old school music similar to Jihoon. His pick was “That’s Life” by legendary singer Frank Sinatra.

I’ve been listening to this song every time I wake up or take a shower for a long time now. Listening to the song makes me think positive and lets me enjoy life.

— Asahi

8. Yedam

Andy Shauf – “The Magician”

For a more modern-day song choice, Yedam commends “The Magician” for being the perfect fit for all of his moods.

This is one of the songs I was listening to all the time last year. I felt like this song put me in neutral emotionally no matter how I was feeling!

— Yedam

9. Doyoung

iKON – “Love Scenario”

When it comes to iconic K-Pop songs, Doyoung can’t recommend iKON‘s “Love Scenario” enough.

‘LOVE SCENARIO’ has a simple melody and anybody can have fun singing along to it! ‘We met and we loved …’ 🎶

— Doyoung

10. Haruto

BIBI – “Maybe If”

Jaehyuk isn’t the only fan of Our Beloved Summer in TREASURE! Haruto also recommends one of their OSTs to fans due to his love for the K-Drama.

I loved Our Beloved Summer, the show this song comes from. I’ve been listening to this song more than anything else lately and I recommend it to all of you, too.

— Haruto

11. Jeongwoo

GSoul – “Natural”

Like many of his fellow members, Jeongwoo also appreciates songs that have a calming vibe, his favorite one being GSoul‘s “Natural” (2021).

 I always end up feeling peaceful and relaxed when I listen to ‘Natural.’

— Jeongwoo

12. Junghwan

MBLAQ – “This is War”

Last but certainly not the least, maknae Junghwan mentioned a song that was much different from Jeongwoo’s—MBLAQ’s intense and upbeat 2012 track “This is War.”

I loved “This Is War” growing up! Hands up if you know it!

— Junghwan

Besides these songs from other artists, TREASURE also hopes more people listen to their own songs from THE SECOND STEP: CHAPTER ONE.

Asahi: Everything about “JIKJIN”—the beat, the lyrics—goes hard. It’s going to be good to listen to when you want to feel hype or get excited.

Mashiho: My favorite non-single track off the new album is “U.” I’m recommending it because it makes you feel nice and happy the more you listen to it.

Junkyu: The other song I want to recommend off the new album is “DARARI.” It reflects those situations where you’re full of joy and happiness and can’t help but hum a song! How about you hum a song like “DARARI” when you feel good, too?

Jihoon: There’s a song on the album called “IT’S OKAY.” The lyrics take a hopeful outlook on negativities like worries and failures about the start of 2022, like, Everything will be okay—just get back up again. And because TREASURE sang it with TREASURE MAKER in mind, and I sang it for myself, I think that sincerity is directed toward our fans.

Choi Hyun Suk: “BFF” is a song for our web series Mysterious Class that I helped to write the music and lyrics for. Right from when I started writing, I wanted to capture TREASURE’s one-of-a-kind chemistry and the inseparability we had on Friendship. You could even say I made that the focus of my work so that people who listen to the song would think about their own friendships and relate to that.

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