Saturday, April 1st, 2023

Bang Si Hyuk’s Handsome High School Photo Is Going Viral : Entertainment Daily

Say hello to Bang Si Hyuk, the 49-year-old founder of BigHit Music, the agency behind BTS.

Bang Si Hyuk

Prior to becoming one of the music industry’s wealthiest business moguls, Bang Si Hyuk was a producer known as Hitman Bang. Over the course of his career, Hitman Bang worked with other producers-turned-CEOs, including Park Jin Young of JYP Entertainment. These two friends go way back

Bang Si Hyuk (left) and Park Jin Young (right).

…but not quite as far back as this yearbook photo! Bang Si Hyuk’s high school “heartthrob” photo is making the rounds on Twitter, thanks to ARMY.

He’s got the looks. He’s got the talent. Could “Hitman Dang” have debuted as a first-generation idol? Signs point to yes.

Back in 2019, Bang Si Hyuk’s old photo appeared on-screen during his speech to Seoul National University’s graduating class. During this speech, he encouraged graduates to pursue their dreams rather than the expectations society has for them.

With no self-awareness, I was just swayed by the goals and the formula for success set by others.

— Bang Si Hyuk

You can listen to Bang Si Hyuk’s speech here.

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