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20+ BTS-Inspired Names For Pets, Recommended By ARMY : Entertainment Daily

Do you have a fluffy, scaly, or feathered ARMY in your family? Does this precious pet need a leJindary name? If so, we J-Hope you’ll find the purrfect moniker for your own Lil Meow Meow here! Here are 20+ BTS-inspired names suggested by ARMYs.

1. J-Hop

Rabbit owners might think of BTS’s “bunny,” Jungkook, at first, but you can’t go wrong with this hoppin’ name!


2. Jungwoof

It’s the perfect dog name, right?

Jungkook and his dog Bam

3. Vante

V’s photographer moniker also works for pets.

V and his dog Yeontan

4. Googie

5. Chimchim

How about this classic nickname for Jimin?

6. Lala

As in, Jimin’s much-quoted, “Lachimolala.” You could also go with “Lachi” or “Mola” for short!

7. Mikki / Kosmos

This celestial name is taken from the song title, “Mikrokosmos.”

8. Cypher

Are you a rap line lover? Why not name your pet after Suga‘s dog Holly, is hometown Daegu, or the “Cypher” song series, like this clever ARMY?

9. Soop

This name is perfect for a pet that’s as chill as BTS’s In the SOOP vacation show.

10. Baepsae

Does your dog have this…uh…habit?

11. Mochi

Fun fact: BTS’s nicknames make excellent pet names too.

12. Dionysus

How about “Dio” for short?

13. Bark Jimin

Jin, the king of puns, might vote for this one!

14. Shadow

If you want to BTS name that’s also a classic, “Shadow” is the way to go. Other Jungian terms, such as Ego, and Animus would also be great picks!

15. Bora (short for Borahae)

Here are a few more suggestions:

16. Dyno (Dynamite), Moon, Zero, Blue, Magic, and Spring

This creative fan looked to BTS’s song titles for inspiration.

17. Shooky, Koya, Mang, Chimmy, RJ, TaTa, Cooky, or Van

BTS’s BT21 characters, like Shooky, have very pet-worthy names. And, of course, there’s always Suga’s nickname, Lil Meow Meow

18. Dogeon, Hwan, Cein, Hosu, Haru, Jooan, or Zeha

If you’re a fan of BTS’s new webtoon, these names just might be for you!

19. Ami

“Ami” is the Romanized version of “ARMY” in Korean.

20. Minou Yoongi

Why not mix things up by combining two languages for your pet’s name?

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