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Kim Nam Gil, Seohyun, Lee Ho Jung, And More Confirmed To Star In Upcoming Historical Drama : Entertainment Daily

Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun, Kim Nam Gil, Lee Ho Jung and more are teaming up for a new historical drama!

“Thief: Sound of the Sword” (literal title) is set in 1920 where people throw a fierce punch of defiance to those who have chased them away from their homes in order to protect their land, family, and comrades. Through fictional characters, the history of defeat will be turned into a history of victory. The drama will be directed by Hwang Joon Hyuk and written by Han Jung Hoon, who previously worked on “Bad Guys 2” and “Squad 38” together.

The production will star Kim Nam Gil as Lee Yoon, a man who was previously in the Japanese military. He abandons everything to leave for Gando (also known as Jiandao, a historical border region in Northeast China) and become a thief who protects the land and people. The actor previously impressed in “Through the Darkness,” “The Fiery Priest,” and “Memoir of a Murderer.” Seohyun, who starred in the Netflix film “Love and Leashes” as well as the dramas “Private Lives” and “Time,” will play the role of Nam Hee Shin, who hides her identity and becomes the head of the Japanese Government-General of Korea’s Railway Bureau.

Yoo Jae Myung will play Choi Choong Soo, a former general of the righteous army (informal civilian militias) and a landlord of a Korean village in Gando. The actor previously starred in “Reply 1988,” “Vincenzo,” “Itaewon Class,” “Voice of Silence,” and more. Lee Hyun Wook will play the role of Lee Gwang Il, an opportunistic Japanese military executive who has a bad relationship with Lee Yoon. He has captivated viewers in numerous projects including “Strangers From Hell,” “The Good Detective,” “Search,” “She Would Never Know,” and “Mine.” Lee Ho Jung will also star as Eon Nyeon, a gunman heading to Gando after receiving a request to kill Lee Yoon. The actress previously starred in the films “Midnight Runners” and “The Battle of Jangsari” as well as the drama “Nevertheless.”

The drama will be released via Netflix. Stay tuned for more updates!

While waiting, check out Kim Nam Gil in “Through the Darkness”:

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And watch Seohyun in “Time”:

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Kim Nam Gil, Seohyun, Lee Ho Jung, And More Confirmed To Star In Upcoming Historical Drama : Entertainment Daily

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