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Moon Ga Young Talks About Working With Yeo Jin Goo For Upcoming Drama, Her “True Beauty” Role, And More : Entertainment Daily

Actress Moon Ga Young recently participated in an interview where she talked about winning an award at the 2021 Asia Artist Awards, her role in “True Beauty,” and more!

Moon Ga Young is an accomplished actress who made her debut in the 2006 film “Bloody Reunion.” Having had roles in numerous other films and dramas, she most recently made waves with her starring role as Lim Ju Gyeong in the romantic comedy “True Beauty.”

The actress won the AAA Best Emotive Actor award at the 2021 Asia Artist Awards together with her “True Beauty” co-star, ASTRO‘s Cha Eun Woo. She remarked, “I had no idea we would both receive the award, so we were both surprised. I was really proud. After accepting the award we talked to each other afterwards about how it was even better to receive it together.”

Moon Ga Young reflected on the appeal of her character Lim Ju Gyeong, saying, “I think it has to be her story of personal growth. She was beautiful when she grew stronger and figured out how to love while discovering her true self. Since a lot of people related to the message I wanted to send through her and also gave their support, I received comfort as well.”

Moon Ga Young is in the midst of filming for her upcoming mystery romance drama “Link: Eat and Love to Kill” (literal title). The drama will be about a man who suddenly begins feeling all the emotions experienced by a certain woman, and will follow the story that unfolds as he unexpectedly begins going through all of her emotions with her.

Starring as Noh Da Hyun, Moon Ga Young said that her character attempts to make a life for herself but keeps getting knocked down by unexpected events. As for why she chose to take part in the drama, she responded, “There could be a lot of spoilers so I’m being cautious, but I thought the drama holds a lot of the meanings that I want to convey. Also, I could really feel the power of a great script.”

Yeo Jin Goo will star as Eun Gye Hoon, the man who begins to feel Noh Da Hyun’s emotions. Moon Ga Young commented, “I worked together with Yeo Jin Goo when I was younger. As it’s the first time working with him in such a long while, it’s familiar yet fresh. It’s a big plus. We’re relying on each other as we work hard to film.”

When asked which of her projects left the deepest impression on her, Moon Ga Young answered, “I sometimes watch my previous projects through short clips that fans upload. As all of my projects and roles have their own special meanings, it’s hard to choose just one. They’re all precious to me and I miss them.”

Moon Ga Young wrapped up the interview by describing the kind of actress she hopes to become. “I want to become an actress who can convey the emotions and messages she feels to the viewers and fans,” she said. “I think of what I can show through my acting as another form of communication. I’ll take the love I’ve received as motivation to work harder myself.”

Watch Moon Ga Young in “True Beauty” with subtitles below:

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Moon Ga Young Talks About Working With Yeo Jin Goo For Upcoming Drama, Her “True Beauty” Role, And More : Entertainment Daily

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