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10+ Times TREASURE Covered YG Entertainment Songs And Proved They Perfected The “YG Style” : Entertainment Daily

TREASURE may be YG Entertainment‘s newest boy group but they proved many times that they already have the company’s style down to a T!


They covered several iconic songs from their seniors that showed off their talent and charisma.

Check them out below!

1. How You Like That

First up, TREASURE’s most popular cover so far is BLACKPINK’s 2020 track “How You Like That.” They danced to it during Weekly Idol and in a recent KBS World Indonesian show.

TREASURE’s Version


2. Ringa Linga

In their 2022 appearance in Weekly Idol, TREASURE performed three more YG Entertainment songs, the first being Taeyang‘s “Ringa Linga” (2013).

TREASURE’s Version

Taeyang’s Version


Girl group dances are also right up their alley! Their cover of Lisa‘s “MONEY,” a 2021 B-side track from her solo debut album LALISA, was full of sass.

TREASURE’s Version

Lisa’s Version


The third song they danced to during Weekly Idol was “GOOD BOY,” a 2014 song by GD and Taeyang.

TREASURE’s Version

GD x TAEYANG’s Version

5. Hit That

Now on to singing covers, TREASURE’s rap line—Yoshi, Hyunsuk, and Haruto—were joined by Jaehyuk to complete the perfect cover group for MOBB‘s “Hit That” during Kang Hanna’s Volume Up.

TREASURE’s Version

It wasn’t the first time some of them performed it. Hyunsuk and Haruto previously rapped to it in the final battle of YG TREASURE BOX. The other two on stage were former TREASURE 13 member Ha Yoonbin and current CIX leader BX.

MOBB’s Version


Back when the iconic “Ha Jeongwoo” (Haruto and Jeongwoo) duo were new, they performed “OH YEAH” (2010) in YG TREASURE BOX and awed everyone with their skills and chemistry.

TREASURE’s Version

GD x TOP’s Version


During the same round of the program, Doyoung and best friend Dohwan (now in Ciipher) exuded the free spirit that YG’s artists are known for with their cover of iKON‘s “Freedom” (2018).

TREASURE’s Version

iKON’s Version


TREASURE’s Doyoung, Mashiho, Junkyu, former TREASURE 13 member Ha Yoonbin, and CIX’s BX were grouped together during the team mission where they performed iKON’s “DUMB & DUMBER” (2015).

TREASURE’s Version

iKON’s Version

9. Rhythm Ta

TREASURE’s Version

Though “Rhythm Ta” (2015) was a spontaneous dance cover, TREASURE aced it! They were all especially confident doing each move.

iKON’s Version


“ZUTTER” (2015) was another spontaneous performance that showed off TREASURE’s swag. As a pleasant surprise, Junkyu veered away from singing and did his own solo rap!

TREASURE’s Version

GD x TOP’s Version

11. Really Really

Finally, TREASURE’s Junkyu, Asahi, Mashiho, Doyoung, and Junghwan sang WINNER‘s 2017 track “Really Really” during Kang Hanna’s Volume Up radio show. It was a performance that showed off the quintessential fun yet professional side of YG Entertainment artists.

TREASURE’s Version

WINNER’s Version

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