Friday, March 24th, 2023

BTS’s V Serves Visuals During “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE — SEOUL” And Goes Viral : Entertainment Daily

BTS just concluded the first day of their offline concert, PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE — SEOUL. While all of the members looked dashing and wowed the crowd with their live performance skills, V gained attention for looking like a living statue. Here are 8 moments of visual glory from the show.

1. That duality

Did you see how quick he changed expressions?

2. Expressive yet chic

He pulled off the expressive, modern dance-like move with perfection.

3. Black swan

We love us a V in all black!

4. Seductive sweep

V swept his jawline with his hand in the most seductive way ever. Swoon.

5. Just cruisin’

We love how his hairstyle and bandana lends a very 90s feel to the ‘fit.

6. King of expressions

His playful smirk and backwards glance showed his performing skills.

7. Close up

This mega zoom showed off his porcelain skin and those unique grey contacts.

8. Coy cat

The way he subtly pushes his hair out of his face while looking down is sure to drive fans crazy.

V’s visuals really hit its peak! Fans couldn’t get enough.

| theqoo

  • “He’s so handsome”
  • “His main job is being handsome, he’s so perfect”
  • “He’s freaking handsome, he’s glowing”
  • “His real life looks though? He tore up the stage”
  • “He’s freaking beautiful…it’s not human…The white outfit was amazing”
  • “His face seems like one that glows preciously and beautifully”
  • “Freaking handsome every day”
  • “[Perfect like a] piece of pottery.”

We’d love to live with his face for a day!

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