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NMIXX’s Stylist Under Fire For Allegedly Copying The Trademark Style Of An American Designer : Entertainment Daily

NMIXX rocked onto the scene with gorgeous tulle dresses that had a sporty twist. In their debut MV and performances, they wore girly layered skirts with sporty emblems such as sneakers as cuffs or corset belts.

Haewon in particular, wore a pair of New Balance sneakers upcycled as a belt.

Sullyoon similarly wore upcycled sneakers as an arm accessory and a corset top.

However, these outfits are now gaining criticism for their alleged copying of an independent label, Frisk Me Good. Designed by Cierra Boyd, the Cleveland designer was the first to upcycle sneakers into custom pieces.

She’s been growing her brand steadily over the years. The designer herself was originally angered over the matter as she had worked hard for the design.

She later clarified that she received the due credit from NMIXX’s stylist through a tag on Instagram.

Despite that, netizens are questioning why the stylist team did not simply ask the brand for custom pieces, rather than copying the concept and design despite the belated credits.

| theqoo

  • “Just buy it and let them wear it… don’t copy”
  • “Even middle-sized companies buy it…”
  • “Isn’t JYP Entertainment a large company?”
  • STAYC bought it LOL”
  • “NMIXX’s outfits were so-so but I thought the idea was fresh. So looks like there was an original”
  • “Didn’t the stylist say they received inspiration from the original? I don’t know what’s going on. Which part of it is plagiarism? Bring NMIXX’s outfits here.”
  • “Well there’s an original so isn’t it just plagiarism… +) Oh, they copied first and settled after LOL”

STAYC‘s Yoon also wore a pair of adidas sneakers upcycled into a top. However, her styling team did not face the wrath of critical netizens because the item was purchased from the brand rather than the stylist manufacturing the pieces themselves.

Yoon in the “Run2U” MV. | Highup Entertainment

Although the matter was settled amicably with the original designer receiving credits, it seems that people are still questioning why they did not purchase the pieces and sought to emulate them instead.

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