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Lee Yo Won Talks About Playing A Mother In New JTBC Drama, Her Chemistry With The Child Actors, And More : Entertainment Daily

Lee Yo Won shared her thoughts about her upcoming JTBC drama “Green Mothers Club” (literal title)!

Starring Lee Yo Won, Chu Ja HyunKim Kyu Ri, Jang Hye Jin, and Joo Min Kyung, “Green Mothers Club” is about the dangerous relationships in a neighborhood association of parents at a local elementary school. The women in the association, who had come to think of themselves only as “mothers,” will reveal previously hidden secrets and learn about the meaning of “friendship” in adulthood.

Lee Yo Won plays Lee Eun Pyo, an ordinary housewife with a prestigious education who studied abroad in France. After entering an unfamiliar elementary school community, she will go through a rough adaptation period because of the passionate mothers.

Lee Yo Won reflected on the script, saying, “The most attractive thing was that it expressed women’s lives in various and three-dimensional ways. While reading the script, I sympathized a lot with Lee Eun Pyo and the other mothers in the Green Mothers Club.”

Concerning her character, she commented, “She has a familiar charm that is realistic and commonly encountered around us. She’s someone who strives for her dreams but gets frustrated as she encounters a wall of reality, and eventually, she becomes faithful to the human instinct that resulted from that process.”

She continued, “She has a unique feeling and atmosphere, so she stands out calmly among the mothers. Sometimes, she is misunderstood by others, but nevertheless, she acts honestly without bending her beliefs. She seems more charming because of her personality and style.”

The newly released stills share a glimpse of Lee Eun Pyo. One photo captures her professional side as she wears an apron splattered with paint and stares at her canvas with sharp eyes. Like Lee Yo Won described, Lee Eun Pyo “stands out calmly” with her subtle charms.

Lee Yo Won Talks About Playing A Mother In New JTBC Drama, Her Chemistry With The Child Actors, And More : Entertainment Daily

In the drama, Lee Eun Pyo is the mother of two children, and Lee Yo Won dished on her chemistry with the child actors. She shared, “They are so nice, bright, and good at acting that I learn a lot from them during filming. I actually get scolded by the children because I’m not good at holding back my laughter. We’re like a true family.”

Finally, the actress shared a key point, saying, “Mothers with children in elementary school will relate more to the relationships in the drama, the world of women, and various human relationships entangled in it. I hope that when you look back, it will be remembered as ‘a really enjoyable drama.’”

“Green Mothers Club” will premiere on April 6 at 10:30 p.m. KST. Watch a teaser here!

In the meantime, start watching Lee Yo Won in “Different Dreams” below:

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