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MAMAMOO’s Wheein Unexpectedly Meets A Friend While Filming Her “TRACK VIDEOs” For “WHEE” : Entertainment Daily

In a recent vlog uploaded to her personal YouTube channel, MAMAMOO‘s Wheein gives fans a behind-the-scenes look at the filming process for her “TRACK VIDEOs” for her recent album WHEE.

Despite the difficult filming conditions for the music video of her title track, “Make Me Happy…”

Wheein’s filming for the “TRACK VIDEOs” goes very smoothly. And at the beginning of the shoot for her first video, for the song “Pastel,” she unexpectedly runs into a friend.

MAMAMOO’s Wheein and Jvde Milez | Whee In/YouTube 

First, Wheein jokes that her “support team,” aka the people who skateboard around the set while she sings to the camera, have arrived.

| Whee In/YouTube 

But then Wheein identifies one of them specifically, Jvde Milez, a fellow artist.

| Whee In/YouTube 

She jokes that her friend “must be that good at skateboarding” to have been brought to the set.

| Whee In/YouTube 

Wheein then clarifies to the camera that Jvde wasn’t recruited for the shoot by her directly. She didn’t actually know he’d be there.

| Whee In/YouTube 

Instead, “the director personally cast him.”

And then Jvde called Wheein the night before the show to tell her that he was going to be appearing in her video.

| Whee In/YouTube 

The commentary on Wheein’s vlog jokes that it has become a “collaboration” between the two friends, and it is certainly true that Wheein is full of energy and smiles as she gets to spend time with her friend on set.

| Whee In/YouTube 

The two friends even unintentionally wore matching beanies for the shoot, perfectly fitting the “Pastel” theme.

| Whee In/YouTube 

And even though Wheein and Jvde can’t stop laughing at each other as they joke around…

| Whee In/YouTube 

Jvde proves he’s a reliable friend to the idol as he tells her that if she needs anything, she should tell him.

| Whee In/YouTube 

It wasn’t intentional that the two friends got to meet, but there’s no denying that they both boosted each other’s spirits.

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