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The Members Of NCT 127 Were A Whole Mood While Watching Johnny Practice His Steamy Solo Stage : Entertainment Daily

In December 2021, NCT 127 held their first offline concert in three years, and the members stepped up to the occasion. Not only did they deliver stellar group performances, but their solo stages left fans shook too—with Johnny being one of the main culprits there.

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Each of the members presented a solo stage that was truly unique, reflecting their own individual personalities. Recent videos of the behind-the-scenes of these stages have given an insight into how hard the members all worked for this concert, not only writing the lyrics and producing their own original songs, but also participating in the creative directing of their performances. They each produced something truly memorable, and one of them was Johnny’s sexy dance number that took NCTzens by storm.

And it seems like NCTzens weren’t the only ones who were left shook by Johnny’s performance. The behind-the-scenes look into how the members prepared for their stages shows NCT 127 watching Johnny’s practice…and having the most relatable reaction to what they were witnessing.

Johnny commented in the video that he thought the dance would be fun to watch and he that thought it would be sexy too.

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He thought right, of course.

And based on their reactions, the members who watched the practice seemed to think so too.

Doyoung came up to Johnny to ask if he’d be going shirtless for the concert too, and when Johnny said yes, he hilariously replied with an impressed, “That’s nice.” A bit of an understatement, but a relatable sentiment nonetheless.

He also tried to compare Johnny’s stage to something, but seemed to think better of it as he trailed off, with one of the other members laughing at that.

And, of course, Yuta took the opportunity to poke some fun at Johnny’s sensual dance, requesting that the music be played while hilariously draping himself over the barre.

With everyone appreciating his dance, both fans and members alike, it’s safe to say Johnny’s hard work definitely paid off!

You can watch the video on the link below.

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