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A K-Pop Fan Suggested Who Might Replace Lucas In SuperM, And Reactions Are Mixed : Entertainment Daily

In the summer of last year, NCT and SuperM member Lucas got caught up in a gaslighting scandal that he has since apologized for, as has SM Entertainment.

For months afterwards, however, Lucas was absent from NCT’s comeback schedule and merchandise, leaving some fans concerned that he would be removed from the group. While he did make a post on his personal Instagram account on February 9, giving some NCTzens hope that he was slowly making a return, he has yet to make any real kind of announcement.

With his future in the industry still so up in the air, there have been many conversations between fans about what might end up happening to him and the groups he’s in, including the super boy group SuperM.

A recent post on Reddit has definitely gotten fans talking, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise due to the controversial opinion of the original poster.

With the title “Johnny replacing Lucas in SuperM. Thoughts?”, the Reddit user quickly sparked a conversation about the topic. They make their case by saying that Johnny might be a good choice to replace Lucas in SuperM if it came down to it, for a number of reasons. These include the fact that he’s American, his personable personality, his ability to attract international audiences (especially America), and his talent, as well as his closeness with both NCT and EXO members alike.

Johnny replacing Lucas in SuperM. Thoughts? from kpopthoughts

Unsurprisingly, many of the comments on the post turned down the idea for a variety of reasons, from not believing that Lucas will be leaving SuperM to Johnny not really fitting the group’s concept.

Others think that even if Lucas was removed from SuperM, that he wouldn’t really leave a gap that would require to be filled by someone else.

Going even further than this, others commented that they feel like SuperM is already finished.

On another note, some others commented that if Lucas was to be replaced by another NCT member, they think that someone else such as Jaehyun or YangYang might be a better fit than Johnny.

Of course, all of this is just speculation and opinions, as there isn’t any clear sign of Lucas being removed from any of the groups that he’s involved with. Only time will tell if a replacement will be necessary for SuperM!

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