Friday, March 24th, 2023

Ukrainian BTS ARMYs Stand Strong, Fans Raise Funds To Help Ukraine : Entertainment Daily

On February 24, after weeks of failed diplomatic discussions, Russia invaded Ukraine. Over the past week, Ukrainians have fled their nation, sought safety underground, and fought back against Russian troops.

Demonstrators in Montreal, Canada protest Russia’s military action. | Evan Bugler/The Canadian Press

Among the thousands affected are ARMYs, BTS fans who are holding onto hope in the face of fear.

On Twitter, Ukrainian ARMYs are sharing their stories, confessing their heartfelt thoughts, and asking for much-needed aid.

In response, ARMYs from around the world are now rallying to raise funds to help the citizens of Ukraine. In 2020, BTS’s fandom raised $1 million USD for the Black Lives Matters movement to match BTS’s $1 million USD donation. Now, they want to do it again.

In addition to sending financial support, ARMYs are sending thoughts, prayers, and words of love to their fellow fans and all of Ukraine.

Some are even offering assistance to the Ukrainian ARMYs who have fled their country.

Even in these unpredictable, devasting times, one thing is certain. No matter how dark their days are, no matter how frightening the world becomes, U-ARMYs will never walk alone. They have ARMY right behind them.

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