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NMIXX Choose 4 Members Who Left The Most Memorable First Impressions On Them—And Why : Entertainment Daily

JYP Entertainment‘s newest girl group NMIXX recently made their debut with “O.O.” They guested on Weekly Idol, where they performed their title track, played games, and answered fan questions.

Multiple fans asked them questions like, “Which member had the most unique first impression?” and “Who made the most memorable first impression?

In no particular order, check out the members who were picked below!

1. Bae

For Jinni, the member who left the strongest impression was Bae.

Jinni (left) and Bae (right)

She still can’t forget the day Bae walked into the studio with bright red cheeks, which she likened to a sweet potato.

It was Bae for me. I met Bae for the first time at the vocal practice studio. At the time, her cheeks were as red as two sweet potatoes on fire. I think she may have done her makeup in a dark room where she couldn’t see. She was a sweet potato on fire, but she was very pretty.

— Jinni

In Bae’s defense, she was inspired to put on makeup when she saw that “everyone looked pretty.” But she was inexperienced and ended up putting too much blush on.

2. Haewon

Next, Bae chose leader Haewon.

Bae (left) and Haewon (right)

Haewon’s innocence and the way she would flip her hair when she entered a room were memorable.

Haewon was the embodiment of innocence. She had long, straight, black hair. She would keep flipping her hair back, and she would always be holding an Americano in one hand.

— Bae

At the request of the hosts, Haewon reenacted her greeting, making it easy to see why she left such a big impact on Bae!

3. Jiwoo

Jiwoo, on the other hand, was picked by Kyujin.

Jiwoo (left) and Kyujin (right)

Jiwoo entered the company a few months after Kyujin, and she could still remember the cute neck pouch that she wore all the time.

It’s Jiwoo. When I had just joined, I was the youngest. I was in fifth grade when I just joined. After a few months, she joined the company. She wore school gym clothes and had a pouch around her neck.

— Kyujin

4. Sullyoon

Last but not the least, Sullyoon was the most striking member in Haewon’s memory.

Haewon | @nmixx_official/Instagram

Sullyoon | @nmixx_official/Instagram

Haewon distinctly remembered the cute way Sullyoon pursed her lips and swayed her body.

When she first came, we were busy preparing for a concert. She had such a small face and a long neck. Sullyoon makes a certain shape with her mouth. Like a beak. With that face, she would always do this in the dance studio.

— Haewon

Sullyoon laughed when Haewon added, “She looked like a baby ostrich.”

As a group under JYP Entertainment, several NMIXX members trained with ITZY‘s Ryujin. Check out what Ryujin had to say about them here:

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