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JYP Entertainment Under Fire After Netizens Notice The Similarities Between NMIXX And ITZY’s Group Introductions : Entertainment Daily

Since the announcement was made last year, netizens have been excited about the debut of JYP Entertainment‘s newest girl group. Last month, NMIXX officially made its debut and has already taken the K-Pop world by storm. With so much talent, striking visuals, and stunning charisma, they are set to be the next biggest thing in K-Pop.

Members of NMIXX | @NMIXX_Official/ Twitter

They’ve also wowed fans with their performances, showcasing difficult choreography and executing them effortlessly.


Yet, since they first debuted, the group has been surrounded by several controversies all out of their control. When the music video was released, netizens shared their concerns that aspects of the concept were similar to other groups, such as ATEEZ.

Scene from ATEEZ’s “Illusion” MV | KQ ENTERTAINMENT/YouTube

Scene from NMIXX’s “O.O” MV | JYP Entertainment/YouTube 

The group recently held their debut showcase, after postponing it due to the members testing positive for COVID-19. As expected, the members shone with their visuals and performance, cementing why they are the ones to watch in the K-Pop industry.

However, concerns were raised after similarities were seen between NMIXX’s hand greeting and fellow JYP girl group ITZY. When NMIXX introduces themselves, they showcase two interconnecting V’s with their fingers…

Members of NMIXX | JYP Entertainment

Fans quickly noticed that it looked a lot like ITZY’s greeting which goes, “All in us,” with two interconnecting V’s but going in a horizontal direction. It was a greeting created by member Ryujin and holds a special place in the heart’s of MIDZY’s.

| Hello82/ YouTube 

Even in the solo shots of the ITZY and NMIXX members doing their hand greeting, it isn’t hard to see the resemblance.

ITZY’s Lia doing their group’s hand greeting

NMIXX’s Jinni doing their group greeting

When the images were shared, fans of both groups voiced their concerns. Since debuting, NMIXX has been under scrutiny due to issues of plagiarism, when in fact, none of it is there fault as the decisions come from the company.

Fans explained that they want to raise their concerns to JYP Entertainment and the SQU4D, who is the newest artists’ division looking after NMIXX.

Netizens believe both groups deserve respect and NMIXX should have a unique greeting to showcase their talent and personalities.

In K-Pop, one of the most unique things about each artist and group is their introduction greeting. Whether they are doing interviews, performing in front of fans, or just holding a live broadcast, most K-Pop artists will begin with their introduction, which usually includes a verbal greeting and hand gesture.

With this in mind, netizens are showcasing their support for NMIXX and their desire for the group to have their own identity while preserving the legacy of their senior artists.

You can read more about netizens criticizing JYP Entertainment for NMIXX’s debut below.

JYP Entertainment Comes Under Fire For Alleged Plagiarism In Music Video For NMIXX’s Debut Track “O.O”

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