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BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Is The True Main Event At Dior’s Paris Fashion Week Runway Show : Entertainment Daily

Fans couldn’t contain their excitement after it was revealed that BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo was traveling to Paris for Paris Fashion Week as the representative for Dior. In 2021, the idol stole the show as she made her mark in the city and cemented her legendary visuals by stealing the show.

Well, it seems like it’s the same story as Jisoo takes over Paris for this year’s event.

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo | @sooyaa__/ Instagram

On February 28, Jisoo made headlines before even leaving Korea as she wowed fans with her undeniable visuals and brand new hairstyle.

If that wasn’t enough, she was also praised for showcasing her true personality when landing in Paris. Like many celebrities, Jisoo took the VIP exit, allowing for a quick getaway. However, instead of leaving, she chose to pull over and greet fans, showing how much she truly missed them!

On March 1, BLINKs couldn’t contain their excitement when Dior announced that Jisoo would be making an appearance at their show. Tweeting a picture of the invitation, it isn’t surprising why fans couldn’t stop sharing their excitement.

If that was the reaction before the event, as soon as Jisoo made her appearance at the event, crowds went crazy. Even getting out of the car, Jisoo looked elegant, calm, and collected surrounded by fans and press all wanting the first shot of what she was wearing.


In a video shared by a fan, Jisoo was met with screams and cheers as she made her way through the crowds in a stunning yellow and black plaid dress. Once again, Jisoo made sure to wave and greet both the media and those fans who had come out to catch a glimpse of the idol.

| @v3nnusaa/ Instagram 

Even though the outfit was a lot simpler compared to her previous fashion week look, Jisoo still looked like a model gracing the catwalk. The outfit screamed preppy vibes with a plain white shirt under the dress, a black tie and heeled shoes, and a statement Dior bag.



Once inside the venue, Jisoo continued to wow fans as posts of her circulated on social media…


And through various Korean publications, including W Korea.

| W Korea/ Instagram 

When the images were shared, fans rightly couldn’t stop gushing about how amazing Jisoo looked. Although she was surrounded by some of the biggest names in the fashion industry, the idol held her own and showcased her own style and visuals to crowds.

It’s only the start of Jisoo’s fashion week journey, and there will undoubtedly be more content from the idol in the coming days. Yet, it isn’t surprising that the event has only started, and Jisoo has made herself the main event.

You can read more about Jisoo taking over Paris and fashion week below.

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Steals The Show At Dior’s Paris Fashion Week Runway Show

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