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GOT7’s Youngjae Wants To Collaborate With His Members, And Here Are The Members It Could Be Happening With : Entertainment Daily

During a special visit to Thailand, GOT7’s Youngjae was asked which artists he would like to collaborate with, and his answers are bound to make Aghases happy.

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Recently, the members of GOT7 have been spreading out all over the world. With Mark currently in France for Paris Fashion Week (presumably to wow fans with another iconic look), Jackson Wang in the US, Yugyeom going to Germany, and BamBam soon going to the US and to Thailand, GOT7 is going truly global in 2022.

While BamBam is known to be traveling back to Thailand soon, he said he was unable to be there at the same time as Youngjae, who is there taking part in a fansign and in the special fan event Korean Beauty Festival 2022. Yet BamBam did not fail to show his support for his fellow member, asking fans to make sure to go see Youngjae and support him during his stay in Thailand.

Youngjae also did not forget his members, and in fact, he was happy to talk about them with fans there. And even better, he readily discussed who he wanted to collaborate with! When asked which artist he was interested in collaborating with, Youngjae said he wanted to work with Def.—otherwise known as GOT7’s Jay B.

Jay B has explained in the past that Def. is the moniker under which he produces music for himself. According to Jay B, Def.’s music is less mainstream because it’s music that he personally likes and not just music that he thinks others will like. For this reason, it’s interesting that Youngjae said he’d like to collaborate with Def. specifically, and not just Jay B! According to fans at the event, Youngjae said he wants to work with and receive a song from the ‘famous composer’ Def.

Youngjae was also asked if he would like to collaborate with Jackson, something that Youngjae naturally agreed he would like to do. Both members are signed to Sublime Artists Agency, so perhaps a collaboration between them could be feasible. However, Youngjae said that, as much as they would both love to collaborate, it would all depend on their schedules, which are currently quite busy.

Yet, Youngjae did drop an exciting tidbit, reportedly saying that while collaborating with Jackson may be somewhat difficult, he would potentially be working with other members as a unit.

While he did not give any specific details, fans have already been putting forth theories as to who the potential unit could consist of, with the most likely options seemingly being a unit with Jay B or BamBam, or both.

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Even though Aghases would like to see all the members together again most of all, GOT7 units could also be a very exciting thing to look forward to. Especially because, at the end of the day, what matters most is that we’d be getting to see GOT7 together again, even if it’s not all of them at the same time. Additionally, each member has grown a lot over the past year, exploring their own different styles and colors, and it would be great to see how they bring these new aspects of themselves together in music.

We can’t wait to see Youngjae working with GOT7 members again!

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