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“A Superior Day” Writers Dish On Why Lee Won Geun, Ha Do Kwon, And Jin Goo Are Perfect For Their Roles : Entertainment Daily

The writers of OCN’s “A Superior Day” have shared their excitement about the upcoming drama!

Based on the hit webtoon of the same name, “A Superior Day” is a thriller about the 24-hour nightmare of an ordinary man who must save his kidnapped daughter by murdering the serial killer who lives next door. Jin Goo will star as Lee Ho Chul, a firefighter who has to rescue his kidnapped daughter, while Ha Do Kwon will play Bae Tae Jin, a professional hitman who is chasing serial killer Kwon Si Woo (played by Lee Won Geun).

The original webtoon was written by Team Getname, a duo comprised of “Sweet Home” writer Kim Carnby and “Dr. Hound” writer Aruani. Explaining their vision for “A Superior Day,” the writers recalled, “Rather than a long, epic saga, we wanted to create a story that chased events unfolding in real time. We wanted to make readers lose themselves in the story, so that they felt like they were experiencing the main character’s day together with him in real time.”

“When we received the offer for a drama adaptation, the thing that made us happiest was that we’d found someone who understood our intentions [while creating the webtoon],” they continued. “From the moment we began planning the webtoon, we’d had video in mind, so we’re really looking forward to seeing the drama version.”

Meanwhile, Lee Ji Hyun—the writer of the upcoming drama adaptation—confessed that she’d felt some pressure about living up to the quality of the original. “My biggest concern was capturing the immersive quality of the original webtoon and its ability to draw readers in,” she revealed. “I tried not to lose the frightening suspense of the possibility that a murderer, hidden amongst ordinary people in an ordinary place, could be my next-door neighbor.”

“A Superior Day” Writers Dish On Why Lee Won Geun, Ha Do Kwon, And Jin Goo Are Perfect For Their Roles : Entertainment Daily

However, all the writers agreed that the three leading actors had been perfectly cast in their respective roles. Team Getname marveled, “Jin Goo, Ha Do Kwon, and Lee Won Geun’s synchronization with their characters is 120 percent. They’re creating charming characters that are beyond anything I could ever have dared imagine.”

They added, “I can’t wait to see Ha Do Kwon and Lee Won Geun acting out two villains who are polar opposites, as well as Jin Goo desperately fighting back while stuck between them.”

Lee Ji Hyun chimed in, “Even just imagining Jin Goo’s flawless portrayal of Lee Ho Chul leaves no room for doubt.”

She went on to point out how perfect Ha Do Kwon—a trained classical singer—was for the role of Bae Tae Jin. “The character of Bae Tae Jin first appears in the drama through only his voice, so I thought that the weight of his voice would be crucial,” she explained. “In that respect, I think casting Ha Do Kwon was a stroke of genius.”

Finally, she teased, “Through his portrayal of Kwon Si Woo, Lee Won Geun will show the unexpected charm of a twist hiding behind his smiling face, so please look forward to it.”

Lee Ji Hyun also noted that viewers will be able to enjoy the drama regardless of whether they’ve read the original webtoon, commenting, “Viewers who read the webtoon first will be able to have fun comparing the similarities and differences between [the drama and the webtoon], and viewers who haven’t read the webtoon will be able to focus entirely on the situations in the drama.”

She confidently concluded, “It’s a drama that will definitely live up to your expectations, so please give it lots of interest.”

“A Superior Day” will premiere on March 13 at 10:30 p.m. KST. Check out a teaser for the drama here!

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