Saturday, April 1st, 2023

20 Moments That Capture BTS Jimin’s Insane Charisma On Stage : Entertainment Daily

It’s no wonder everyone falls for BTS‘s Jimin after watching him perform on stage! His precise dance skills, powerful charisma, and love for the stage all make him a joy to watch. Here are just a few of the moments that will make any ARMY feel hit by Jimin’s energy on stage!

1. He basically shakes the entire stage with his intensity!

2. He looks good…and he knows it!

3. Every move is maximized to perfection.

4. Have you noticed he always uses hair flips to his advantage when performing?

5. Just about everyone misses “Mic Drop” Jimin!

6. Dancing is another form of acting.

7. He can act cool and confident…

8. …like a sexy heartthrob…

9. …or like his usual, cheeky self!

10. He’s guilty of giving ARMYs a little tease sometimes.

11. He always performs just as passionately, even when rehearsing!

12. This Jimin lives in everyone’s mind rent-free!

13. Glasses on and confidence up.

14. Jimin loves to captivate the lucky fans standing right in front of him.

15. Which K-Drama is this?!

16. Nope, he’s not a machine — He’s just Jimin!

17. This moment can’t be watched just once!

18. “Dionysus” Jimin is everything.

19. You just can’t take your eyes off of him!

20. Acrobatics are his specialty.

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