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TREASURE’s Junkyu Had The Sweetest Reaction When His Voice Was Likened To BLACKPINK’s Rosé : Entertainment Daily

Without a doubt, one of the rising stars in K-Pop right now is YG Entertainment‘s boy group TREASURE. Since debuting in 2020, the group has captured the hearts of netizens worldwide with their talent, charisma, and visuals.

Members of TREASURE | YG Entertainment

The group recently returned with their epic track “JIKJIN,” and alongside their promotions, they appeared in 1theK’s original series IDDP. Like the other artists on the show, each member looked through their online profiles. They discussed some of the facts on the internet, alongside clips that have gone viral. 

In particular, when it came to member Junkyu, they looked at some basic details of the group’s vocalist and visual, including the meaning of his name, date of birth, and place he was born.

After looking at all the basic details, they looked at some of the facts and descriptions associated with Junkyu. One of those looked at his vocal abilities and how “He has the YG-style singing voice.”

He has the YG-style singing voice. It’s unique and his tone is attractive. He sings with an articulate pronunciation with a clear tone.

— Junkyu

If that wasn’t complimentary enough, the description then explained that when he sings pop songs, he sounds like his YG senior BLACKPINK‘s Rosé.

BLACKPINK’s Rosé | @roses_are_rosie/ Instagram

As soon as Junkyu read those words, the rest of the members were as shocked as the young idol, with Jihoon adding, “That’s a big compliment.” It was heartwarming to see the rest of the members feel so happy with this comparison as they cheered Junkyu on,

Yet, it was Junkyu’s reaction that was literally the epitome of cuteness. After he seemed to get over the initial shock, he explained, “It’s such a huge honor. We’ll do our best.

After the video was released, fans on Twitter found the original picture of the comment…

And they couldn’t get over how cute Junkyu was after reading the comment comparing him to Rosé.

Although he might look sweet and innocent, when Junkyu gets on stage and sings, there is no denying that he has a powerful voice similar to Rosé’s and that his stage presence is unbeatable.

| YG Entertainment

It is definitely worthy of being compared to Rosé, who also has a unique and eye-catching way of performing that reflects her personality.


Junkyu and the rest of TREASURE’s reactions prove how humble they are that they became all flustered because of the comment. Considering it’s only been two years since their debut, they will only continue to grow and undoubtedly gain the same fame and popularity as their seniors.

You can watch the whole video below.

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