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Chorong, Yoon Bomi, And Jung Eun Ji Share What Apink Means To Them, Their Hopes For 2022, And More : Entertainment Daily

Apink’s Chorong, Yoon Bomi, and Jung Eun Ji spoke about what the group means to them in the latest issue of 1st Look!

Apink’s pictorial showcases bright energy and colorful spring looks from Chorong, Yoon Bomi, and Jung Eun Ji, the group’s three oldest members. In the accompanying interview, the ladies talked about the group’s latest special album, what Apink means to them, and more.

After debuting in 2011, Apink is now in their 12th year together. Chorong commented, “Time-wise, it feels long, but I don’t completely feel it.” Jung Eun Ji added, “When we first debuted, it was a trend to give idols different nicknames. That’s when we said we were a ‘long-running group’ but it’s fascinating that it has now come true.”

Chorong, Yoon Bomi, And Jung Eun Ji Share What Apink Means To Them, Their Hopes For 2022, And More : Entertainment Daily

Earlier this month, Apink dropped their special album “HORN,” along with the title track “Dilemma.” When asked about anecdotes from their preparations, Yoon Bomi shared, “We were busy chatting because it felt like meeting up with old classmates.” Chorong chimed in, “Even when we’re standing in position for our choreography, we chat right up until the song turns on. Although it isn’t about much, it’s so fun.”

Jung Eun Ji commented, “We’re filming a reality show now. We became known during our debut days while filming a reality show and now that 10 years has gone by and we’re filming one again, it feels different from back then. The category of things we can talk about has gotten broader.”

The members also shared what Apink means to them, with Jung Eun Ji saying, “The entirety of my twenties. Sometimes, it feels like I’m living another period as a student.” Yoon Bomi answered, “My second parents? I can’t imagine letting go of my members’ hands. I’m scared to do things on my own but I feel reassured when I have my members because I can rely on them.”

Chorong added, “It feels like having another last name. Although I’m Park Chorong, it feels obvious that it should stick in front of my name as Apink’s Park Chorong.”

Lastly, the trio spoke about their plans for 2022. Yoon Bomi explained, “Perhaps because we went through a lot for this album, I think I’ve become more determined. This year, I think I really have to live diligently. I want to spend a lot of time with our fans.”

Jung Eun Ji shared, “I waited for my thirties. There was so much I didn’t know in my twenties so I wanted to use my twenties as a basis for experience and live my thirties in a skillful and relaxed manner. Since I’m living in my thirties now, I want to keep the promises I made to myself.”

Chorong shared, “This year, no matter what it is, I plan to do everything diligently and confidently so that I don’t have any regrets. I especially hope that there are many more days to laugh with my members.”

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