Monday, March 20th, 2023

Fans Suspect aespa’s Karina May Be The Highest Ranked Player In The World On A Mobile Game, Here’s Why : Entertainment Daily

Aespa‘s Karina astounded fans when she reached the highest level possible in the mobile game Gardenscapes.

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Gardenscapes is a mobile game in which the player is able to build, decorate, or restore their dream garden. The player must pass levels and earn ‘stars’ in order to complete their tasks. Karina took to Bubble recently to hang out with fans and catch up, which is when she revealed that she has a new gorgeous haircut, and that she’s been spending enough time on Gardenscapes that she is now at the highest level in the game.

While reaching the highest level is already impressive enough in and of itself, Karina also revealed that this actually might make her one of (if not the) highest ranked K-Pop idols in the game.

But fans think her achievement actually goes beyond that. Karina has been leveling up at an impressive rate…

And as some fans pointed out, the highest level on Gardenscapes as of February 19 was level 9926, which was reported on Reddit.

| /Reddit

Since Karina has reached this level, this could make her not only one of the highest ranked idols, but one of the highest ranked players in the world.

In fact, some fans have even suggested she might be the actual number one!

While one can’t say for sure what her ranking is, it’s at least safe to say Karina is definitely among the highest ranked players. And considering her love for mobile games, not everyone is surprised at her achievement on Gardenscapes!

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Congratulations to the most dedicated fan of mobile games, Karina, for scoring so high!

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