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BTS Jimin’s Had The Best Reaction When His Members Asked Him To Be More Active On Instagram : Entertainment Daily

One of the biggest events of 2021 had to be the day that all the BTS members opened their own individual Instagram accounts. Despite being on their extended vacation, they have continued to treat fans to a whole lot of content and share what basically is the BTS’s group chat!

Members of BTS | @bts_bighit/ Instagram

Yet, despite all the members being very active on the platform, one person who hasn’t been sucked into the social media platform is Jimin! Although he’s treated ARMYs to cute photos of his travels and time in America…

BTS’s Jimin | @j.m/ Instagram

| @j.m/ Instagram

It seems as if he prefers the safety of Weverse and has continued to update fans on the platform, especially after he recovered from surgery and COVID-19. Well, it seems as if it isn’t just ARMYs who want to know when Jimin is going to update his account.

On February 20, BTS’s RM, Suga, and Jimin surprised fans when they went live and spoke about everything from working out, plans for their future tour, and much more.

BTS’s RM, Suga, and Jimin (left to right) | BTS/ VLIVE

In particular, they spoke about Instagram. During the broadcast, RM explained that the fans were asking Jimin about his Instagram and when he was going to use it.

They want you to tell them your Instagram ID. Jimin please start Instagram.

— RM

While RM said this, Jimin cutely looked quite shy and seemed to acknowledge that he probably wasn’t using it enough compared to the rest of the members. Yet, his answer was equally as cute as he quietly said, “Yes” which made RM laugh.


When the members started discussing that J-Hope seems to be a pro at it, even adding that he must know how to code, they all pointed out that it was hard for them because they didn’t have any photos to post.

All three of the members agreed that it was hard to constantly be posting images, especially when most of them have just been relaxing during their vacation.


Luckily, Suga seemed to feel similarly to Jimin on the topic of Instagram as he explained, “Instagram is really hard for me. You and I are both not good at it.”


It isn’t the first time Jimin has shared his troubles on Instagram. After he first opened his account, he went on to Weverse to share with ARMYs the reason he wasn’t as active as the other members.

Jimin: I’m heree

Jimin: You’re right, Insta is hard. That’s the truth. What you guys are thinking is correct.

Jimin: I would be better if I had used social media more before.

| Weverse

Luckily, ARMYs don’t care what platform Jimin uses and are just happy whenever he updates fans. Hopefully, as he gets more used to Instagram and has more to share, including while they are performing in Seoul, he can start to get more comfortable with posting pictures on there rather than on Weverse.

You can read more about BTS Jimin’s journey with Instagram below.

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