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Na Moon Hee’s Mother Passes Away At Age 101 : Entertainment Daily

Veteran actress Na Moon Hee’s mother has passed away.

On February 19, it was reported that her mother had passed away of old age that day. She was 101 years old in Korean reckoning. Her wake will be held late this evening at a funeral hall at the Catholic University of Korea St. Mary’s Hospital. Although Na Moon Hee had filming scheduled, she will be focusing on her mother’s final rites. The funeral is set to take place on February 21.

Na Moon Hee had spoken about her mother on TV before. During a press conference for a movie in 2019, she said, “My mother is still alive. She is 98 years old. The clothes I wore in the movie were my mother’s clothes. She likes pretty things. She always dolls herself up when she goes out.” She added, “I was born in Beijing in China, and there was apparently a lot of silk back then. I decided to embody my mother this time and chose clothes like hers.”

Na Moon Hee is a veteran actress, currently 81 years old in Korean reckoning. She debuted at age 20 as a theater actor and then debuted as a voice actor in MBC’s first round of auditions. She has since appeared in numerous productions, from films to dramas to sitcoms, including “High Kick!”, “Wang’s Family,” “Dear My Friends,” “Navillera,” “Miss Granny,” “I Can Speak,” and many more. She was born in Beijing but her family moved to Suwon after Korea’s liberation from Japanese colonial occupation in 1945.

Our condolences to Na Moon Hee and her family.

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Na Moon Hee’s Mother Passes Away At Age 101 : Entertainment Daily

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