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5 Roles We Would Like To See BAE173’s Lee HanGyul Play In K-Dramas : Entertainment Daily

5 Roles We Would Like To See BAE173’s Lee HanGyul Play In K-Dramas : Entertainment Daily

BAE173’s Lee HanGyul is one K-Pop idol who after many years of consistency, practice, and so much hard work is finally getting the due recognition he deserves. With BAE173, he is making waves in the music industry for his sheer musical talents and impeccable stage performances.
He is not just conquering the music scene, he is taking his talents to the K-Drama world and has notably starred in the idol web drama “Love In A BlackHole” and made several appearances on variety and musical shows. As he ventures more into the acting world, here are some roles we believe he will be best suited for.
1. The son of a conglomerate
Rich male lead characters in K-Dramas might be an over-flogged role but it is a favorite amongst viewers. Lee HanGyul would fit perfectly in this role. He has the poise and aura that exudes so much confidence and charisma, traits that are the essentials for a role like this. Imagine this, his character starts off mean and rowdy knowing he is the heir to a mega food chain, despite his Grandfather’s plea for him to “get his act together” he is stubborn and refuses. However, upon facing a life-changing situation or meeting a character with an opposite personality / story, he realizes life is much more than what you have but about how you treat the people around you. The storyline will capture how he tries to break free from his past, and seeking to be a better Grandson and friend, while his demons try to hunt him.
2. A cafe owner (The Hero)
Lee HanGyul’s Official Instagram Lee HanGyul’s Official Instagram
A character where he plays the main lead, a cafe owner who opens a new cafe in a neighborhood but due to the nature of the location, he is struggling with a tycoon who is hell-bent on tearing down all the shops in that location to build an apartment complex. Alongside his other neighbors, they fight to keep their shops while going through so many personal and collective hurdles. Lee HanGyul seems to have the sense of warmth and care that are often attributed to cafe owners. In this character, he is goofy, caring, and treats everyone nicely. But he also has a hint of mystery. Cafe shops are usually a safe zone, a space to relax and feel refreshed by the sweet smell of baked goods and coffee. Known for his bright and cheerful personality, a character like this is definitely perfect for HanGyul. 
3. An ambitious director of a tech company
Lee HanGyul’s Official Instagram Pocket Doll Studio
This character over the years has worked very hard to get to this position. From a poor background, he has dedicated his life to working with the aim of gaining so much wealth to live a comfortable life. Everyone at the company sees his hard work and respect him a lot. However they also fear him for his smarts and no-nonsense attitude, and the fact that he is very close with the CEO also makes him a target for jealous coworkers. He somehow falls victim to a scheme that gets him fired from the company, and that brings forth a renewed interest in not just achieving success but seeing the value of people, love, family, and true friendships. 
4. The villian in a thriller
Marie Claire Marie Claire
Lee HanGyul seems like he has the emotional range to pull off this type of character. His facial expressions, his composure, his aura, his striking visuals, and that intriguing gaze that locks you in his eyes, he does present so many qualities that will make him perfectly execute a very compelling villain storyline.
5. An intern in a hospital
Lee HanGyul’s Official Instagram tigris
Imagine Lee HanGyul in a doctor’s scrub and glasses, squinting his eyes and his wrinkling his nose as he adjusts his frames while going through a patient’s chart / file. The doctor theme is a fan favorite filled with diverse characters with various personas. Lee HanGyul would be perfect for 2 types of characters in this theme drama: The dutiful doctor with a very welcoming personality that everyone loves or the mean but genius doctor who everyone fears because of his cold exterior but deep down he is kind and his exterior is a shield put up due to a trauma he experienced in the past.
Are you excited for actor Lee HanGyul? What roles would you like to see him play in a K-Drama? Share with us in the comment below. 

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