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Yura Shares Her Excitement For Her New Role In “Forecasting Love And Weather,” Her Love For The Script, And More : Entertainment Daily

Yura Shares Her Excitement For Her New Role In “Forecasting Love And Weather,” Her Love For The Script, And More : Entertainment Daily

Girl’s Day Yura shared her thoughts about her upcoming drama “Forecasting Love and Weather”! “Forecasting Love and Weather” is a new JTBC romance drama about the work and love lives of people who work at the Korea Meteorological Administration, Korea’s national weather forecast service. Park Min Young stars as general forecaster Jin Ha Kyung, while Song Kang plays special reporter Lee Si Woo. Yoon Bak will play Jin Ha Kyung’s ex-boyfriend Han Ki Joon, and Yura plays the role of Chae Yoo Jin. Chae Yoo Jin is a daily weather reporter. Although she went into her job with lofty dreams of breaking news, exciting scoops, and on-site reports, she was ultimately assigned to the “weather and lifestyle team.” Yura will show the life of an office worker in her 20s who is arrogant on the outside but actually suffers from instability on the inside. Yura shared her joy about being part of “Forecasting Love and Weather,” saying, “The script was so fun and attractive that I kept wondering about the next episode. I remember being so happy after I was confirmed to star in the drama.” Regarding filming, she remarked, “It was a great time where I learned a lot from director Cha Young Hoon and felt many things. The set was very warm and joyful.” Yura also expressed her excitement about portraying a new kind of character. She explained, “I mainly played [someone who] is very bright or is straightforward and hip or has a distinct personality. However, Chae Yoo Jin is a young person who you can commonly see around you. That ordinariness felt more special to me.” That is why Yura thought a lot about how to depict Chae Yoo Jin, a character who looks bright but has a dark side and seems nice but is spiteful sometimes. She explained, “As with countless young people, they dream of success and hope for a stable life but have a hard time when they face the reality where they can’t do that. I wanted to express [people in their] twenties who grow through that.” To portray that, she went for natural looks where she can just tie up her hair into a ponytail, and she aimed to show her character’s passion at work. Lastly, Yura commented, “No matter what relationship you have, you can’t always be happy, but through Chae Yoo Jin, I want to convey the process of [how people] understand, care for, fight with, and reconcile with each other. Like the drama’s title, in addition to the excitement and subtle tension of dating co-workers, diverse emotions and interesting stories of various characters have been prepared. So please look forward to [the drama] and show it a lot of love.” JTBC’s “Forecasting Love and Weather” premieres on February 12 at 10:30 p.m. KST. Check out the latest teaser here! In the meantime, watch Yura in “Now We Are Breaking Up“: Watch Now Source (1) How does this article make you feel?

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