Wednesday, March 29th, 2023

Watch: 2PM’s Lee Junho And His “The Red Sleeve” Co-Stars Dance To “My House” In Full Costume : Entertainment Daily

Watch: 2PM’s Lee Junho And His “The Red Sleeve” Co-Stars Dance To “My House” In Full Costume : Entertainment Daily

2PM’s Lee Junho has kept his promise to viewers! Last year, before the premiere of his hit drama “The Red Sleeve,” Lee Junho made a guest appearance on MBC’s “Radio Star,” where he promised that if viewership ratings for “The Red Sleeve” surpassed 15 percent, he would dance 2PM’s viral hit “My House” in his full imperial garb from the drama. Sure enough, “The Red Sleeve” went on to become a smash hit, and the drama soared to an average nationwide rating of 17.4 percent for its series finale. On the February 2 episode of “Radio Star,” Lee Junho stayed true to his word by fulfilling his ratings promise together with the help of his co-stars Kang Hoon and Oh Dae Hwan. Amidst the cheers of the MCs and their female co-stars, all three actors donned their costumes from the drama for a truly “historic” performance of “My House.” After the performance, Yoo Se Yoon remarked, “We got to meet Jeongjo and 2PM at the same time!” Lee Junho jokingly replied, “I don’t know who I am right now.” At another point in the show, Kang Hoon revealed that he something to “confess” to Lee Junho. “Back when I was in high school and people played 2PM songs, I used to dance to their songs with my friends during break time,” said the actor. “But when we were acting together [in ‘The Red Sleeve’], I hid that fact from him. Since I was a 2PM fan, though, I thought it would be good if I treated San [Lee Junho’s character] with that kind of fan-like attitude.” Host Kim Gura asked if Lee Junho had known about this, and both actors confirmed that he’d had no idea. Lee Junho playfully asked Kang Hoon, “Why didn’t you say something?” To show love for Lee Junho and 2PM, Kang Hoon then entertained everyone with a dance cover of their debut track “10 Out of 10.” Watch the full episode of “Radio Star” with subtitles here… Watch Now …and binge-watch all of “The Red Sleeve” below! Watch Now How does this article make you feel?

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