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Kpopmap Fan Interview: A FANTASY From The U.S. Talks About Her Favorite Group SF9 : Entertainment Daily

Kpopmap Fan Interview: A FANTASY From The U.S. Talks About Her Favorite Group SF9 : Entertainment Daily

Are you also curious about fellow K-Pop fans?! Let’s hear their stories and interests in Kpopmap Fan Interview Project.
There are K-Pop fans across the globe who share the same passion. But on online platforms, it is hard to know about each other’ stories and K-Pop life. Even if we are in the same fandom, it is hard to get to know each other.
So at Kpopmap, we started the Kpopmap Fan Interview Project to get to know more about K-Pop fans from different countries: more about their K-Pop life and tastes and to give them the opportunity to share with our readers about their favorite group(s) and bias.
An anonymous FANTASY is the next fan to answer our questions. She is from the States and is a fan of SF9 and more particularly of RoWoon! Check out how she entered the fandom, the songs and content she advises to new fans, and much more! 
SF9 Official
Can you introduce yourself? Where are you from?
Hello everyone! I’m a fan from the States. I’m 29 years old and a teacher. I stan SF9 (and low-key KINGDOM).
How and when did you enter the fandom?
I actually didn’t know I was a fan of SF9 when I started liking the members. I’d seen their mini series, “Click Your Heart”, on Netflix, but had no idea that they were an idol group. I thought it was just another K-Drama. I forgot about them for a few years, and had even seen RoWoon in “Extraordinary You” and had no idea that he was the same guy from “Click Your Heart”. One day, someone on Reddit’s K-Drama subreddit was looking for where to watch SF9’s mini series; I went to watch it and was SHOCKED. So, naturally, I looked into their music and the rest is history!
1st Look
KINGDOM is a history-themed Kpop group and I’m a history buff. Their song, ‘Picasso,’ came up on my auto-play and I was sold.
KINGDOM Official
What are the reasons why you love your favorite group?
Their music puts me in a good mood, and they don’t take themselves seriously. They remind me of my students.
Who caught your attention at first and why?
When I first discovered their music, JaeYoon, RoWoon, and DaWon caught my attention. JaeYoon and RoWoon have really soothing vocal tones, and DaWon’s tone and range are amazing!
SF9 Official
Who is your bias, and why?
I love them all!! If I had to pick one bias, it would probably be RoWoon. I chose him the first time I watched “Click Your Heart”, and then again when I watched it years later. His playfulness and earnestness are sweet.
SF9 Official
Can you recommend a title track and a B-side track for new fans?
‘Easy Love’ is the title track I’d most recommend, B-sides are where they shine though. Every album brings a distinctly different vibe. Personally, I’d recommend any song on their “Turn Over” album.


Can you recommend a fancam, V-Live, cover video, cover dance, or individual content video of your bias to our readers?
Here’s one of RoWoon, DaWon, and JaeYoon. It’s a medley of some of their hits, so it’s a good place to start if you don’t know much about SF9.

Here’s DaWon covering ‘Stay’ by Justin Bieber and killing it.

Can you also do the same type of recommendation for the group?
This is them singing ‘RPM’ while running on a treadmill. It’s adorable and also hilarious.

This is their song ‘Dreams’ from their Imperfect Concert.

Can you share with us one of your favorite lyrics?
“The light on the other side of the tunnel will protect me.” ‘Believer’

Are there any words from the members you would like to share?
“I had previously set a clear plan for my future, but there was nothing that went according to plan. Now instead of setting goals, I’m just trying to be satisfied with the present. I think that’s the path to happiness.” -RoWoon
SF9 Official
What is your favorite group/bias’ influence on your daily life?
I’ve picked up the guitar again to learn to play their songs.
What is your favorite side of fangirling/fanboying?
I think my favorite side of being a fangirl is being able to support someone without any expectations, or needing something in return. We literally just want happiness for the groups that we support. Also, we get to listen to great music 🙂
You can also add a message to your bias or show it on a message scrapbook.

Thank you for answering our questions, FANTASY.
Note: Kpopmap Fan Interview includes some of the interviewed fan’s favorite pictures and/or videos. 
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