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5 K-Pop Idol Dancers We Want To See On Studio Choom’s “Artist Of The Month” (Part 2) : Entertainment Daily

5 K-Pop Idol Dancers We Want To See On Studio Choom’s “Artist Of The Month” (Part 2) : Entertainment Daily

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Studio Choom’s “Artist of the Month” has grown to be a prestigious platform to showcase the extraordinary talents of dancers in the K-Pop idol industry. Not only does it allow idols to put their dancing talent and artistic philosophy in the spotlight but in most cases, these idols also choose the songs, arrange them and choreograph their own routines. It is a brilliant way for them to take on a solo stage outside of their idol activities.
In Part 1 of this article, we picked 5 K-Pop idol dancers who definitely deserve to take Studio Choom’s “Artist of the Month” stage.

Here are 5 more idols who we think would be perfect for the platform!

With roots in traditional, modern, and contemporary dance as well as perfect mastery in other styles such as hip-hop and fusion, Cha HakYeon is a genius at his art. As a matter of fact, rarely is a stage grand enough for his talent. Studio Choom’s “Artist of the Month” would be a great platform for newer fans of K-Pop to get acquainted with his greatness.

One of the most versatile and original dancers in K-Pop, ByeongKwan’s command over every single beat is truly enviable. His freestyle is just as polished as his choreographed pieces, which speaks volumes of his creative wealth. Although it is strange that he hasn’t been featured on Studio Choom’s “Artist of the Month” yet, we can sure hope that it happens soon.

ATEEZ’s YunHo is a powerhouse of talent and dance just happens to be one of his fields of expertise. When YunHo takes the stage, the world stops to watch and that isn’t a surprise because he is, after all, a world-class dancer. The energy that courses through his veins translates directly onto the stage as he pours his soul into his dance. YunHo is a wonder and we cannot wait to see him on Studio Choom’s “Artist of the Month”.

HwangWoong is just as much a masterful storyteller as he is a brilliant dancer. In other words, his dance, his choreography speak for themselves and tell a story that would otherwise remain unsaid. The ability to express such sentimentality with conviction and nuance is an incomparable feat and HwanWoong seems to have perfected it at a young age. Hopefully, it will only be a matter of time before we see him on Studio Choom’s “Artist of the Month”.

An ace in the truest sense of the word, Mia is charm personified. Not only is she unbelievably skilled and flawless in terms of technique but she is also bold when it comes to experimenting with new dance styles and putting her own unique spin on existing choreography. She has a knack for converting her imagination into reality on stage, which is exactly what makes her a force to be reckoned with. Mia’s appearance on Studio Choom’s “Artist of the Month” would, in fact, be a win for the latter.
Which K-Pop idol do you want to see on Studio Choom’s “Artist of the Month”? Share your thoughts with Kpopmap in the comments section down below!

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